I have Google Top 5 Search Results Ranking - Partnership Needed

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I can get top 5 google search ranking for most words. I am looking to partner with an Very successful affiliate marketer so I can use my skills and they can use their skills in affiliate marketing to make alot of money.

My partnership already includes 2 other people who do the SEO with me.

You would receive 25% of the profits.

I looking only for top affiliate marketers who know their stuff.

So here are the questions you must answer if interested:

1. Name 4-7 affiliate programs (industries) would you market if you could get top 5 google ranking:

2. What would the landing pages look like to have the highest conversion rates:

3. Provide other info about you or your past success that would make me choice you as my partner:
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    What are some keywords you have attained top page ranking for in Google? How long has it taken you?
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    could you please give your top ranking method trick

    Please read the rules -- affiliate links not allowed in sigs.
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    For me

    1. It would all be CPA: Health and Fitness, Dating, Finance, Biz Op
    2. Landing Pages would Need a SQUEEZE For List Building, And Strong CALL TO ACTION
    3. Well, Because I do it for a living full time, and my first two answers are top notch.

    BTW, Congrats on your SEO success.
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    Yeah it would help enormously if we knew what you were ranking for...

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      I can do it for most words. How access to 30 people who do SEO (Link building, article writing etc.) That is how I do it.

      So now I am looking to convert it into a lot of money and want a partner who kicks ass in affiliate marketing.

      Post your replies and put on there you are interest and I will contact you.


      Helping others make the best of life!

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        Areas this has works in is:
        car loans
        safe sex
        nursing jobs

        I can do this in almost in any keyword area as long as all the top 5 spots are not Page Rank >5

        Helping others make the best of life!

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    Sorry, I'm not an affiliate marketing pro...

    I am curious about what products / networks are good for health and fitness cpa products though?

    I have a number of strong domains in this niche and I can point thousands of internal links to a squeeze page.

    Too bad, I don't know the first thing about CPA marketing... I can get top rankings in Google no problem though.
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