Example of PPV Lander that made me a nice profit!

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Hey guys. I know you won't be able to actually view the lander like it would be viewed by a contextual network user (whatever the correct terminology would be), but you can check the lander out at... Do You Need to Fix Your Credit Score?

Basically what I did was create a lander that gave away a very nice ebook for free. Obviously to repair your credit you must have a copy of your credit report. Now, alot of people just get their free annual credit report, but I convince them in the book how they need something that lets them monitor their credit. I capture their emails and send them the ebook, then I send other useful items like sample credit repair letters, a newsletter, and very short videos about how to read your credit report and understand it. Needless to say, 2 out of every 10 emails were converting for awhile. I mean that for every 10 emails I captured, around 2 were generating leads for me.

I was paying alot more for this traffic since it has to do with credit repair and I was bidding on some hot url's, but the profit was really insane.

I really believe capturing emails is the way to go here.....at least with certain offers. Stuff like dating, etc., can't really be effective this way, but stuff like ID THEFT, Diet products, etc, do well with PPV squeeze pages.

This is for the guys struggling in PPV. Try this out and I think you'll do much better. Of course you need to come up with your own twist!
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