How You Can Make 2011 Better Than 2010

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Let me start this post with a question:

How much money have you made in 2010?

If you are happy with what you answered, then feel free to leave this thread, it probably won't help you. However, if you don't like your answer I highly recommend you to keep reading this, because it can help you change your business drastically in the next year.

I know many people who succeeded and also many people who failed in this business, and what I learned from them allowed me to become a successful affiliate. So now I want to share this information with you and hopefully help you make 2011 better than 2010.

The first thing that I learned is:

Internet Marketing Is For Entrepreneurs

I often receive emails and PMs from people saying that they are unemployed, without money to feed their family and about to lose their house and need to change their financial situation immediately with internet marketing. It's hard for me to kill their hopes, but I always give them a honest answer and say: IM is not for you. I don't say this because I'm cruel or don't care about them. Actually, I can relate to their stories, my life wasn't easy as well. However, I think that lying to them would just make things worse.

The fact is that starting an internet marketing business is just like starting any other type of offline business. You will need to face the competition, prospect clients, spend money with advertising, etc... So, in order to succeed you need to be an entrepreneur.

For me, an entrepreneur is a guy with the right mindset and a relatively stable financial situation. An entrepreneur needs to be prepared to face and overcome many obstacles and learn from their own experiences to succeed. How can you do it if you don't even have money to feed your kids? How can you do it if you're desperate and need to make money immediately?

So if you are broke and need to make money to support your family, look for other alternatives, internet marketing is too risky for people who have nothing to risk.

No One Makes Money Without Discipline

Selling/promoting stuff to people is all about "controlling" them, convincing them to make what you want. But how can you control others if you can't even control yourself?

Most beginners are always jumping from one system to another, looking for the next magic software or method that will put money in their bank account in a matter of hours.

Seriously, haven't you figured out that focusing on a different thing everyday won't make you any money? Have you ever seen a successful entrepreneur who changes their mind everyday and is always starting new projects?

Please, understand this once and for all: you need to FOCUS on ONE thing. In order to make money online you need to master one specific system and you need to do it not only by reading reports, but also by IMPLEMENTING them.

I have my own IM products, so I know what I'm talking about when I say that less than 20% of people who buy courses actually take action and use them.

Sad? Well, but things get even worse! Out of those 20%, probably no more than 2% don't give up after failing with their first attempt. And, honestly, it's hard to create a profitable campaign trying just once.

So do yourself a favor and choose one of these options:

1. Stop acting as a kid, keep yourself under control, take action and put your focus on one thing until you master it.

2. Stop wasting your time with internet marketing and start looking for a good job.

At the end, you will see that these are the only options you have, so why not to make your choice now and save time and money?

The Experience Is The Best Teacher

There are good reports and courses out there, but they can give you just the theory. If you want to be a successful internet marketer you also need to learn from your own experiences.

Every campaign is different, every offer is different, and there are always many subjective factors involved in creating a new campaign. So you need to learn how to solve your own problems, no course will give you all the answers.

You need to do your own work, people can teach you about internet marketing, but no one will make money for you. When you understand this you will put off procrastination, take action and start learning from your own failures.

Don't Think About Offers, Think About People

There is something that most beginners do that's very, very wrong. When they want to start a campaign they look for an offer that's converting well and has a good EPC. This is the wrong, or at least the hardest way to start a campaign.

If you want to promote something efficiently, stop thinking about offers and start thinking about people. Put your focus on a specific audience and identify their needs, thoughts and desires. Think as they do, understand what they are looking for when browsing on a social network, visiting a specific website or using a search engine.

Choose markets, not offers. Then, start testing stuff, launching campaigns and find out what performs well with your audience. It's much easier to find out what offer fits a market than what market fits an offer.

Change your approach, start focusing on markets instead of offers and you will get much better results.

I don't want to make this post even longer, so I'll stop here. I think I have already shared the most important tips that can turn a newbie into a real internet marketer.

Now, if you really you want to make 2011 a better year, understand each paragraph above and do more than just reading, implement these tips, use them to change your business.

These simple things allowed me to go full-time online and I'm sure that they can do the same for you!

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