CX Digital Media Not Paying Affiliates (your feedback)?

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Did not pay us .
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    I believe you're referring to issues they ran into with a free trial diet offer.....This happens to networks from time to time...they float money for an advertiser, fraud begins to hit the offer resulting in an increase in charge backs, the CC processing companies flag the increase, freeze the money. As a result, the ADV cant pay the network, the network cant pay publishers...

    Trust me you're not alone...the offer / ADV creating the issue was one of the largest if not the largest diet offer in the continuity space so hundreds of publishers are probably feeling the same thing you are....

    In terms of CX, I've heard many good things about theire network and how they handle their business as well as publishers...Many of the large free trial networks have experienced this, some have paid out all the publishers, some have not but from what i know about CX, i see no reason why they wouldn't pay out all publishers in full...

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    Yep, widespread issue. As long as your leads are good it should get worked out. Just keep in mind that its not the network that is always to blame for snags like this...they rely on the advertisers just as much as the affiliate rely on the networks
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    Originally Posted by tdd1984 View Post

    Have you guys ever had any issues with CX Digital Media not paying. They still owe us some money. It's not much, but they still owe us the money. They are saying they are trying to resolve the issue now. I am hoping they are because we got another partner after this. I am thinking they are going to pay, their just experience some problems. I guess someone sent in high volume of fraud leads. They claim they are trying to figure out who did it.

    I'm just glad we buy a bunch of advertising to generate leads. Because if we did I would of been irate. Especially if it was $10,000 or something like that.

    What's your feedback on this company?
    I personally don't use them, but I know many that they owe money to, if you can - stay far away, and if they owe you money - sorry to hear
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      I have used CX Digital for years and they are a top notch network in my opinion. Sometimes when stuff goes down like what it happening now the network needs some time to sort things out. It's not a matter of CX Digital 'not' being able to pay, it's just a matter of they need some time to understand what is going on and if your leads are actually good. There is no doubt in my mind CX Digital will scam or shaft anyone so hang tight man.

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