Which INCENTIVIZED CPA Network has 1 page submit?

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Dear Friends,
I am looking for an Incentivized CPA offer that will convert on 1 page submit or maximum 2 pages. I have traffic in my site, I can make them fill up 1 page or maximum 2 or a small survey to unlock the content.
I have tried CPA!ead which is piece of **** because their survey or offer is more than 20 pages or even more. To be honest I never managed to unlock any CPA!EAD enabled site. It just goes on and on and on. I tried Blamads where it says incentivized email submit. But when start doing it, I found it same as Cpa!lead where it says email submit only but then it goes on and on and content doesn't get unlocked. I didn't try leadbolt yet but leadbotl AM said it is also same like those.
So will you please advise which network actually has incentivized 1 or 2 or maximum 3 page submit or survey? Many thanks
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    Good questions, as I've tried to unlock content before and faced the samething, page after page after page... and content never unlocks... the pages just keep coming. Nice lil scam lol
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    CPALead is the largest, it depends on your geo-ip to what kind of surveys you get, for low-paying traffic areas, the surveys have to be long, otherwise the payout would be like $0.05/for a first page submit, everyone would complain more about that to be honest, aside from the people having to fill out the surveys in the first place.
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      I would like to know as well. After what page does leadbolt and cpalead payout? Thanks
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    something that I have heard spoken of before, now I do not know how true but it seems to be logical, is that some or a lot of the adverts, use a batch upload to notify CPALead or other sites of when someone has completed a lead and that it is ok to unlock the content, a lot of times this means it can take 2 to 5 mins for the page to unlock while the advertiser continues to serve page after page.

    ALSO, I have seen pages pop up, these pages lead to page after page while in reality you have too complete a few more things on the original page.

    those are just some things I have noticed with working with CPALead
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