The Curse Of Facebook!

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Hello fellow warriors,

I been spending a lot of time in the CPA section of this form and have to say it is paid of a big time!

For that I am very grateful as this is the first time in years I am actually making a profit when it comes to internet marketing, ever since I focused on CPA.

Okay now on to my problem........facebook advertising......

I rely on facebook as my main PPC platform to promote my CPA offers.

I have been able to get a decent ROI thanks to all the help from this forum, especially this part of the forum....

Now, here is where it is getting tricky....I am hoping u can help me out with this.

I am not getting enough impressions with my facebook ads. It is really strange because I am making sure I am bidding within the suggested bid range facebook sets and in fact at times I bid even higher, however despite that my ads are still not getting any impressions.

They get very few or no impressions and this makes it impossible to test or scale a campaign.

However, some campaigns seem to get the impressions, but the new campaigns I been starting the last few days are not getting the impressions, even though facebook approved the ads.

I think I read somewhere, that it is normal to get a lot of impressions in as little as 30 minutes if you set the bid high? Not happening with me.

Any ideas on how I can get more impressions on facebook?

Much appreciated.

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