Anyone Using Directcpv

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Im thinking of looking into using directcpv is anyone using them with success?
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    I have had great success with DirectCPV. But i am currently focusing with trafficvance.
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    I header many success story with DirectCPV. It is a great place of making a good revenue. You can walk in this way for a great success.
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    I think Directcpv could be quite effective building a list. Never had much success with CPA offers. Clicks are getting outrageously expensive. Approval time is about enough to drive a person insane. I don't use them anymore. As a matter of fact, I don't do CPV anymore. I swear to god, my hair as turned gray since my PPV ventures. I must have tried a hundred different LP's got a few conversions, then tried narrowing down my target URL's to the converters and dropped the bleeders. Guess what, no more conversions. There are much easier ways to make money than PPV. But that's just me. I probably just never really got the hang of it.
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    Their campaign approvals take way too long so it's very hard to get any kind of momentum going.

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    Ye I've done ok with them but I now use adonnetwork and clicksor.
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    Approval times are getting pretty long now, maybe that means more people are having success with them?

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    It has been a couple of weeks since I used DirectCPV. The longest wait time I ever had was two days and that was for my first campaign. Most of the time my campaigns are approved within a few hours and many times much less.

    To me, that is acceptable.

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      I have had some good success with Direct CPV they had really good volume for a while, but seems to have tailed off in the last month or two.. any one else seeing a drop?
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        In my opinion PPV is almost next to impossible to profit from unless you've mastered PPC..
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          In my opinion PPV is almost next to impossible to profit from unless you've mastered PPC..
          This completely false. You don't NEED to master PPC before having success with PPV. PPV is a very very good method but not ALL offers will work. It requires bidding on certain keywords, and bidding on certain sites that you want your offer to pop up on. Each time its displayed is counted as a click. For PPV sources. I've heard directcpv is not bad, and many networks do allow them, but I prefer either Traffic Vance or has brought me around 3K in a few days with one of my first campaigns I ever did on it. Only a $200 a deposit to get started. Don't get all hyped up first, just know to throw up between 6-8+ offers at a time to really see whats working and what's not. TrafficVance is definitely a good source but a little more pricier then Leadimpact.

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