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Does anyone know of any CPA offers for job seekers?

I have one but only pays 0.25p per sign up. i dont have a high volume of traffic but it is slowly going by the day.

This method is slightly blackhat too.
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  • Profile picture of the author jake9999 has a few on there site just type leads than search. must sign up frist.
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    Careful with the blackhat stuff as you'll get banned from the offer and/or network quick, then they wont' pay you your owed commissions.

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    Here is a site that has some survey work from home. They are on click bank but if you go to their main site they offer more there.


    Here is a company that offers about 140+ different CPA Network companies.

    CPA Networks 140+

    Hope this helps..

    Kim Dion

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    You may want to think a little outside of job seeking directly. I have a friend who finds jobs for people & his company works with the city. He told me that there are certain people who cannot get hired for whatever reason. I asked what is someone like that supposed to do. He said "go back to school" (btw, he says you can get your unemployment benefits extended if you do). I bring that up because there is an offer that pays $22.50 a lead. It's Monster Learning & it's on NeverBlue.

    Hope This Helps,
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