Please HELP!! I don't get how to promote CPA OFFERS with OPTIN BOX

by jaymtl
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Hi everybody. I am new to Warrior Forum and I think it is one of the best forums on the Internet. I learned about CPA a few months ago, and I've learned a lot about some key principles these past few weeks, reading and buying ebooks, training from some members. Thank you , they were very useful... except for one.

But now I am very confused. I see that there is a lot of ways to promote CPA offers, Video, Social Marketing, Article Marketing, Paid Traffic, etc. The goal is to bring traffic to your MONEY SITE or LANDING PAGE. This part I get. Some members are suggesting that the best way to build a solid income stream is with an OPTIN or Builing a list. I think this is a good strategy and a must do, BUT is it possible to promote a CPA offer, when the potential client enters his Name and Email? Can we still get his name and email and direct him the the CPA landing page?

Please enlighten me. :confused:

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    You don't have to use email marketing, but, yes, it is a very good strategy.

    The best way to promote CPA offers this way is by using an autoresponder series. Send several emails along the next 20 days with free useful information and some CPA offers. You will get several conversions.

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    You can build a squeeze page, offer something good for the opt in, then on the thank you page put an offer and then of course you have the whole backend sales funnel you will monetize through email marketing.

    As mentioned, email marketing is great and listbuilding is great but it's not the be-all end-all. There are many strategies that work great and sometimes a squeeze is NOT the way to go, so just be a little flexible and open minded as you go on testing different things!

    Best of luck and welcome to the forum
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    Thank you guys. Well explained.
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