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I was trying to get my bank account confirmed by AdSense. They transferred a small amount friday night and the deadline was sunday so I missed the confirmation.

I tried to reconfirm and the form wants the date and the number of the first ad displays and some other account stuff.

Im pretty sure that the information is correct as I copy/paste everything, but I just get a mail saying that the answer to the security questions were wrong.

One thing that spooks me is that there are two boxes for Name. I guess one of them is the AdSense account name and the other is the Google account name...

Any suggestions or hints are welcome :-)
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    Hi Rigpa: It's very important that you get things right with "G" when you are confirming an account to start with because they get so many that are junk. Fill out both boxes for sure and send a follow-up email to Google to check to make sure things were done right.

    Good luck!
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      I still just get an automated mail saying that my answers to the security questions were wrong (date of first ad display and how many times it was displayed). Anyway, Im pretty sure the information is correct.

      I can't find any way to contact the AdSense team. Is there a mail adress or something?
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