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hi there

I see most of you want to join CPA networks to earn income but I'd like to join one to BUY advertising to drive new subscribers to my newsletter.

Does anyone know of a reputable CPA network that:

a) doesn't have a high minimum (neverblue for example has a minumum fee of $5000)
b) would work out to say $1 per subscriber (again, neverblue I heard charges about $2-4 per sub

thanks so much
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    Whats the topic of your newsletter sir? Are you only looking to collect the email address and if so, single or double opt-in?
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    Every network is different, we have our own offers with quite a few smaller and larger, each one gave us different terms. You should reach out to a bunch of them and see who is willing to take your offer and what they can offer you. You can also play them off each other for friendlier terms.

    It's really case by case. We also have a private network (not interested in any new offers right now) and there's a lot of things you need to know before advertising in a network, just a few important ones are:

    1. If it doesn't convert you can forget seeing any traffic anyway so you should already have numbers to provide any network you contact. If they don't ask you for your current EPC's then I probably wouldn't work with them.

    2. You get one shot (if that) with affiliates. No one cares about your offer, especially those already making big money with other offers. Trying to get publishers to test your offer is an uphill battle. AM's pitch me constantly on testing new offers which is supposed to be a compliment, but really it's a hassle. If someone does test your offer, expect a tiny amount of clicks, if it doesn't meet or exceed their current earnings per click on another offer, that's it.

    3. Know your numbers first. You should have tested this offer at least a couple of months ahead of time yourself with paid traffic. If you are going to pay $1+ per lead you better already know that you make $1.50 or more per lead when averaged out. That's probably the number one thing that sinks new advertisers. They just assume they can make money, but they don't really know.

    4. Even if you've done all the right things, network traffic can and often will perform vastly different than your own. You're dealing with multiple types of traffic, fraud, blackhat affiliates etc, on EVERY network. You need to track networks and their individual publishers to make sure you don't have a handful of people sending you garbage leads, otherwise, if you look at them as one big pool you aren't getting real numbers and are paying for a significant amount of low quality traffic.

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    wow peractionrob - thank you so much for the detailed information (although slightly discouraged now haha).

    I have a double opt-in newsletter site for online sellers that I'd like to buy CPA ads for in order to drive new subscribers. Perhaps hiring a manager to oversee the process is my only option.

    thanks again

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    Sounds like you'd be way better off doing adswaps or JV deals than running CPA traffic. If it's a targeted niche like online sellers it's probably not going to do well, most affiliates want mainstream lead gen like bizop, weight loss, shopping, etc

    Maybe post on Joint Venture (JV) Lists, Announcements, Blogs, And Community Forums. or look through the directory of ezines, you'd be better off going where your current target market already is and working out deals with list owners that have your customers already.

    I see tons of people here post sponsored email drops, usually to the exact market you're looking for, maybe offer them $1 a registration or just pay the $100 or whatever they charge to mail you out.

    See thousands of dollars in live affiliate marketing media buys each month $1 30 day trial:


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      wow, thanks again, this is all great advice and you sound totally right that CPA may not be for me. I have already gone through some of the ezine directory and found lots of great stuff and will go and see about the other forum as well. thanks again! very helpful.
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    Great info rob. Couldn't have said it better myself. Neverblue and other CPA networks know the risks when working with smaller advertisers. They realize that they probably didn't test the offer properly. They have already made the mistake of accepting lower fees than $5k. The advertiser runs out fairly quickly on a big network and realize it wasn't converting as they hoped, then they pull the ad. Networks don't want to be adding and removing offers everyday. Its time consuming and doesn't look good for the network.

    You'd end up paying them at least $2/lead since the network will want a cut. And then price it high enough so that publishers will test your offer.
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