Can Someone Please Help me Critique My Site - Adwords Purposes

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I keep hearing from them that my ads are being disapproved due to Landing Page And Site QUality Guidelines. I read everything in tehre, any by the life of me, I cannot determine where the source of the problem is...

Could someone more experienced with Adwords glance over my site, and tell me why on earth I would be experiencing these issues?

Hair Growth Remedies

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      Your home page has very little content other than links to sub pages.

      Google is very picky about the quality of the pages they send visitors to and the relavance of the keyword you use.

      You would be better off linking directly to one over you sub pages so you can make the keywords extremely targeted.

      Also, you have way to may ads on the page, specially in the content area. This will also lower your quality score.
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    This ain't gonna fly. The best thing to do is look at other sites promoted throught adwords in your niche and draw inspiration from them.
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    I guess I'm just going to drop adwords for now, I just wanted to test them.
    I have no intenstion of using them to actually get business, as they are expensive and I won't be able to monitor them all the time.
    Organic traffic is the best imo.

    No sig, good day m8...

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    I honestly think it's not the site, but the product promoted that they don't like.

    They don't give honest answers to anything and half the time the canned response you do get has nothing to do with the real reason.

    I think they'd save millions per year if they just told us we can and can't promote exactly with their damn service.
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      Your redirecting users from your site to another site,you can not have any open affiliate links on your landing page as google will see this as a bridge page,i would just stick to ying for now forget trying to please google cause it won't happen in your life time.
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        anything related with cure, remedies, etc will never run on Adwords
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    You need more content. That's what will make Google happy.
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