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In the past almost all of my success in my main niche came from JV relationships and affiliates. I've been more successful than most the last few years -but just using this one source basically makes me nervous. It feels too much like depending upon the good graces of others to feed my family - so this year I've started to play around a lot with new things. Getting here on the Warrior Forum, meeting "Internet Marketing" people, and new methods of getting traffic.

I've pretty much given up on Organic "free" traffic because I've found it's far from free and generally a pain in the ass. Some paid traffic sources have been ok, others flopped, most just broke even. I think a lot of it is a matter of just tweaking some things.

However, over the last couple of weeks I entered into a few private co-registration agreements with some of the larger sites in my niche (The stock market and Emini market if anyone really cares) that are run by people who don't understand marketing much.

I'm paying $2.50 for each person who takes my offer, which has a proven lifetime value for me of just over $1200 per buyer once they step into my funnel. So far one out of six people I'm getting by co-registration end up getting into my funnel, so in theory here I'm spending $15 for every $1200 I'm going to make.

So far I've had 1900 co-reg sign ups and 290 people get into the sales obviously I'm very excited about this.

So I've rambled on a bit here - I'll get to the question.

This is a private agreement I entered into with a few sites. I know there are all kinds of traffic exchanges, PPV, CPO etc etc etc networks.

To be honest all of this has the potential to be a bit overwhelming for me, and so I'm just wondering if anyone can give me some guidance as to a good network to look into for Co-registration traffic.

This is something that looks like it has huge potential and I'm willing to plunk down a bit of change to see how well it scales up for me. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    Well I don't know about you but I'm using AdWords successfully and it works. It required lots of studies, like which are the best keywords and how much money you have to pay until get on a sale. I've lost plenty of money trying to discover things like this, but it worth the effort.
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    Yeah I've not cracked the adwords code yet, but know many who have.

    For me, what I have had success with is posting and advertising on message boards in the industry, stock twits, JVS (Most of my success is from JV's...I become somewhat successful with stocktwits and the message boards, then leveraged that into very good JV contacts). To be honest I don't like traffic, it's very mathematical type stuff, and I'm more liberal arts ....I like conversions, and I'm not trying to break my arm patting myself on the back, but my conversions are near the top of my industry.

    But like I said, I feel like continued reliance on JVs as my major traffic source is not a good move in the long run, so I'm looking for other things. I'm making a little bit on Facebook ads, more on Bing, but the return on investment I've had from this co-registration thing is the best I've ever my goal is to focus pretty much 100% on that as my other traffic source for the time being until I've become an "expert" at it. So - anyone who's already there and would be willing to offer a bit of guidance, well...I'd be happy to have it fo shooo
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    Be hard to give you advice without seeing the offer. CPV is always worth a test, if you're LCV is really that high then you should be looking into direct mail.

    There's hundreds of solid financial lists on you could be testing. Could also test CPC on financial sites in networks like pulse360 and aol sponsored

    See thousands of dollars in live affiliate marketing media buys each month $1 30 day trial:

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