New Neverblue User but what now?

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I have just opened a Neverblue account and wanted to place FB ads. I have never used Neverblue and only once used FB to pormote CB products. The question I have is now that I have a Neveblue account how do I use it to produce FB adds.

I notice that there are a few Neverblue ads that allow social networking, when I review the terms and conditions some say:

"Offer open to Facebook Social Ads only. Facebook App traffic is not permitted"

Does the "Offer open to Facebook Social Ads only" mean I an set up FB ads via FB advertising?and what does the "Facebook App traffic is not permitted" mean.

Basically all I want to do is produce an advertisement on FB using FB advertising linking it back to the original site using the URL that is produced via Neverblue. Is this possible or does it breach the terms and conditions bit relating to "Facebook App traffic is not permitted"

Jack Blue
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    You've got a long way to go, expect to lose money for an extended period of time if you're new to this, how long depends on how dedicated you are to learning.

    An app traffic example would be Mafia Wars. A lot of app traffic is incentivised and low quality traffic. You'd know if you were buying it because these are specific deals you'd be cutting with app providers and networks.

    If I was you I'd invest in getting a lot of different facebook accounts for different demographics, so you can see what ads are being shown to them consistently. You can also search out a facebook ads spy tool, there's a few out there now and basically you'll just be paying to easily see what ads are being shown to a specific demographic, the landing pages used, offers, etc.

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      Per Action Rob,

      Thanks for the response I will take action on what you have suggested in your post to see where I get to.

      Now that I know what app traffic is I will stay away from this for now.

      Best regards
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    Prepare to lose a decent amount of money just in the testing phase but stick to your offer and eventually you'll get a understanding of what works and what doesn't remember your not failing your buying data.
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