How do do a partial iframe

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100% iframe looks easy, but how to do a partial iframe? I know many big players are doing so.
Thank you
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    Do you want to hide the iframe from displaying on your page? you want it invisible?
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    For example,
    I design a landing page, part of the landing page(list buiding part) was from another page. I believe many people are doing that, can anybody share? I did some search, most of them are only talking about full page iframe
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    Isn't that bluefart?
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    You'll have to learn a little CSS but it's not hard... I've never done it... some networks allow iframe, some dont. check with your AM
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    Well like I said, I've never used it but I'd imagine you'd create an inner div for the lp of the offer then an outer div to position it...
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    So you trying to load an external HTML file from your directory to the index page.?
    What's the Sauce.!
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    you'd better use ajax to grip the page code of that part, instead of iframe.
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    i have also heard about it but don't think its the proper way and a bit blue fart too to me. so i always avoid it. as i am not an expert so i don't have the guts to do those things
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    It doesn't even have to be BH... I've talked to my AM and I've gotten permission to do this same exact thing.

    What if I want to promote an offer iframed within a Facebook Fanpage but the fan page only has a width of 500 pixels and the offer is 800 pixels? (I hate scrolling - looks unprofessional)

    So I take my offer and recreate the ad(all the same details and info) and just reposition the submit fields(which are iframed) so that my new ad fits perfectly into my fan page.

    That's not BH because the ad is still showing the same offer/details and it's not a lie, it's just a different size/design.
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      Originally Posted by Millerking View Post

      waiting for the guru to help
      Don't know if this is what you where looking for just take a look at it.

      its Ajax It load's An External Page Into a <div>
      What's the Sauce.!
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    Partial iframe is easy..

    <iframe src="page-1.htm" name="test" height="120" width="600" scrolling="yes">You need a Frames Capable browser to view this content.</iframe>

    Want to partner with me? Contact me via PM and lets chat!

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