How niche-specific should the banners be on my sites?

by zurich
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I have a bunch of directory sites that I'm putting banners on, to run CPA offers.

Question is this: how niche specific are the conversions?

In other words, how important is it to serve an offer that is related to the theme of the website?

For example, on my accountant directory, I would think something like an ad for turbo-tax would do well. Or on my auto-repair directory, an offer selling car insurance, etc...

Or does it not really matter?

The reason I ask is because it would be a lot easier to build out each site if I were to simply take 10 or 20 of the overall top-performing offers, and load them up into an ad rotator.

Please only reply if you have actual experience with this. thanks
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    Common sense .

    Relevancy is of course going to mean more clicks, more conversions and in turn more profit.

    If you've got a legal services section, and you display ads for fleshlights, you're conversions aren't going to be as great as the same ad display in an adult entertainment section.
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    The more targeted the better conversions you will likely have..
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