Any free Clickbank WSO/Guide?

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Does anyone have any tips on clickbank?

I'm thinking about trying to promote:
Steve Iser's Commission Crusher - Top #1 Converter On CB

It has a gravity of 800 and average sale of $46. I'm not sure if I should do it though.. i know gravity is how well people are doing (or so a guide said i read) but i think it'll be hard to sell..

I have no idea where to start on making the website either...
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    Grav 800 doesnt mean its a good product, i dont know if its a good product myself just research a bit more
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      The 800 gravity means that you are competing against a minimum of 800 other affiliates that have made at least 1 or more sales in the last week. If you are new, you might want to pick something a bit easier to begin with. I would say something in the gravity range of around 70 is good and if at all possible, try the product out yourself and give potential customers a review from another customer. People can really tell if you actually purchased the product yourself and are more likely to buy through your affiliate link.
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        Ok, thanks everyone. I will give it a go tomorrow when I have some more time.
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    You could either register a domain name with the product name in it, to profit from the searches it's already getting, and then SEO the page to get it ranked.

    Or you could start a website in the niche, provide lots of good quality info and tips there, and promote the product.

    OR you could set up 1 page, and "promote" hundreds/thousands of clickbank's products, by simply writing a short description and posting a link to the site. Proper on page SEO will be enough to get you ranked for some terms, and backlinks will be needed for others.

    I wouldn't recommend setting up a site just to promote 1 offer though, unless you're going to do the sniper site, and register an exact match domain with what ever keyphrases are getting searched for.

    But I also wouldn't recommend a sniper site like that in the Make Money Online niche either, because a lot of IMers who want to buy it will see that you're promoting a clickbank offer, and then just buy it through their own link so they get the cut and not you.
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    Don't think too much about specific products or offers in the beginning. First, try to learn how to drive traffic to your site and then how to structure your landing pages and funnels to make money out of your traffic. Choosing the products comes later.

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    Create a review page as a pre-sell. Then buy traffic using banner ads. Test for 100 clicks to see if it converts. Limit your ad budget to $46 or less for testing.
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