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I've been running this offer for a little while now and recieved over 400 clicks with no conversions was wondering if anyone else is running the same offer
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    Nope sorry, that's a heckofalotta clicks though without a conversion...assuming it was targeted traffic
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    What PPC platform are you using?

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      I believe the offer has a pretty high cost to consumer...i could be confusing the offer with another one but if there is a high cost to consumer, that could be issue....Kenster is right, awful lot of clicks to send to one offer...rather than continuing to send i would pop another offer in (maybe a free trial one where the consumer only pays for shipping) and see what results come in from an offer like that.
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    That offer sucks, the EPC's were terrible, run automated wealth package. Also if you're direct linking, that's going to make it even worse.
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    Sorry mate,

    I have looked into this offer before with a client and it is not suitable for CPA in my opinion. The cost is just to high for what they are getting. Good Luck
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    yeah my primary traffic source is google organic traffic. It's an anthony morrison based keyword so highly targeted but no conversions. . . I thought they pay 19 bucks for the book and i get $49 but i could be wrong .
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    I haven't run that offer, but from what I hear, they're pulling a ton of sales, so it converts for some people. I think it's more email than PPC though.
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    I just attended a 3-day seminar here in Minnesota put on by Anthony Morrison's organization. Cost was $1995, which is a lot (admits two). But, I highly recommend attending one of these if you get the chance. A lot of good information that I have not seen elsewhere, and can be put to use right away, plus some pretty cool software to help you get started. On the downside, neither Anthony nor Adrian Morrison showed up personally, and they do try to up-sell you some pretty pricey packages for more education. But I think this seminar was worth the price.

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    It depends on many factors... You could be using the wrong approach or even the wrong traffic. Most bizopp offers do better with email traffic (I'm sure it's not only with me ), so you could take the lead capturing route and use other traffic sources besides your SEO optimized site.

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    Seems a little odd to get 400 clicks with no conversions. I've never dealt with this one myself but it seems unfortunate. Try email traffic.
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    400clicks for bizops is alot of clicks.
    Depends how targeted your traffic is. Are you using PPC ?

    How about your lander? Are they convincing?
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