What to do about networks that just wil lnot pay what is due?

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Mani have 2 NW's right now where i am asking weekly where my money is (talking 3+ months due)

1 Keeps saying they'l lget back to me

1 no reply at all.

I'll give them 1 week more and i am going to name and shame them. It's pathetic. It's only about $140 on each but i am tired of getting ripped off and they think it's fine as there is nothing we can do about it.

I alsso did about $300 with CPA Diamonds.....never seen adime of that. NW's go on and on about online fraud Well it is just as bad the other way aorund.
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    Yes, it's a problem on the network side as well, that's why I always suggest working with the big networks. Smaller networks have their place, but its more risky.

    Wish I had better advice, but if all three are scam or fraud networks, then the only thing you can do is write complaints at the internet scam boards, but unfortunately that won't likely help you get paid what you owe.
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      I have been a full time affiliate marketer since 2007 and have worked with many great networks. However, I have been burned once (not ready to name names yet... but maybe in due time ) and many affiliates are getting screwed by scammy/poorly run networks. Always always always check out the reputations of a network before you work with them.

      If a network owes you money here are a couple thoughts for dealing with them:

      - If you're in the area, go to their office and confront them (I've done this before). An in-person presence makes you real to them and is always more convincing than a phone or email confrontation.

      - If your account is still active, you have compelling evidence to back up what a network owe you and you think there is no hope of getting paid try selling your debt to a collections agency. They'll buy the debt from you at a discount but it's better than not being paid at all.

      And like Kenster said, you can always expose them on public message boards to help prevent other affiliates from being burned, but this most likely won't help you get paid.

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        One more consideration is to take the network to small claims court if the network is based in the USA. Small claims court suits can only be filed for amounts owed under $7,500 and you'll have to pay some fees to register the suit (usually $50 - $150). You'll also have to have all your reports in order to prove that the network owes you the money. If the network responds you can bust them up in court. If they don't respond, then you win the suit by default and you can legally move forward to garnish the networks bank account or but a lien on any property they own

        Small claims procedures are different in each state so do your research in your state if you think small claims can help you!
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