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Hi all ,

I am currently learning about CPS ( cost per sale ) and i have a fresh idea so it's really interesting me and i believe i can earn lots of money , but I still have some questions that if I bring 10 customers to advertisers then I will be earn the commission of all 10 customers ? through the statistics of network ???? Or if I bring my 10 clients and just earn 7-8 commission ? :confused:

I saw many network i joined have many CPS offers and they pay 100-200$/sale and only require customers to pay a small fee/trial , it a little hard to believe but I understand this effect ! but if i bring many many customers and they can not afford not to pay so what i will do ? lol...this is my stupid thoughts but i want to clear

can you share me , give me some advice ? I appreciate , thank you
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    Had a little trouble understanding what all you were trying to say... But basically what I heard was this...You belong to a CPA Network which has an offer you want to promote, and the offer yo9u are talking about happens to be a free trial. If that's not what you're saying please correct me.

    Otherwise, yes you would earn the commission for each new customer that you get to sign up for the free trial.

    I wouldn't recommend direct linking in your situation based on what I know so far. Your best two options would likely be to either give away a related PLR material on a sqeeze page then set up a responder series, or create a small review site as a lander where you can "pre-sell" your visitor.

    If you can share a bit more info on the campaign you are considering- we may be able to give you more specific advice.
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    hi CPApromoter , thank you very much and srr about my english . That what i'm saying

    and about the campaign i'm considering about a Game offer , it convert when user signup and deposit an amount ! And now i'm building a website review + landing page => it's good ? otherwise i'm planning to promote via Youtube and direct my customer to landing page . Can you give me some advice ?

    Thank you very much
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