NEWS: MaxBounty Introduces Weekly Payments for all Publishers

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Hello affiliate,

Not long ago, we reached out to all of our publishers to conduct a survey on their thoughts and concerns relating to MaxBounty and performance marketing through CPA networks in general. One of the most common responses from all publishers, both large and small, was that they'd like to see MaxBounty offer weekly payments.

MaxBounty launched in 2004 with the goal of being the first network created by affiliates specifically to provide a higher level of service to affiliates. Since our launch 7 years ago, we've always made the needs of our affiliates our top priority. We were among the first to move to net15 payments, provide sub-ID tracking, provide direct deposit payments, provide PayPal payments, provide an API, and offer weekly payments to our higher volume publishers.

Today, we continue to make affiliates our top priority by introducing weekly payments for all affiliates, regardless of their volume. This change to weeklies for everyone takes effect immediately, and the first round of weekly payments will go out later this week. Please do note that while weeklies are now available for all publishers, there are still a few small eligibility requirements (including meeting our minimum payment threshold and being setup for electronic payments). Your affiliate manager will have full details.

Thank you for your continued business with MaxBounty. We look forward to continuing to introduce changes that improve your work as an affiliate.
The only trade-off though is that they raised the minimum threshold from $50 up to $100 and you still can't switch to weekly payments until you've received your first monthly payment.

How do you guys feel about that? More likely to utilize them now?
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    Yes, just got the mail.

    Very good move
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    I got the same email a few minutes ago as well. Weekly payments is great but I didn't like the increase in the minimum payment from $50 to $100. I am not heavily promoting their offers, so in some months, my earnings do not reach $100. They might have done this for pushing affiliates promote more but I didn't like it.
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      Originally Posted by CPAveteran View Post

      i have too just received their email.i have always known this company had great potential.Mr.Suave,thank you for this offer.I am now going full time with your Network.i have two requests to make,please bring in more Dating and Education offers.Open up most of your Education offers.At the same time,i propose that since you will be making Payments Electronically,Consider bringing in Payoneer Inc,to help you disperse payments to those publishers who might be residing outside USA.Payoneer will do that job perfectly.Thanks
      I'd consider myself pretty suave (especially when it comes to women ) but I'm not Mr. Sauve (Stephen Sauve the Max Bounty Chief Technical Officer).

      Just thought I'd let you know as my original post may seem unclear of that.
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    Just read the email. Love the weekly payment!
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    I was just whining to myself about how a teen has to wait monthly to get my $800 average monthly payment. This is absolutely excellent.
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    Yeah! Got the mail today.

    no sig

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    Great news! I also received the email! Even though I always had weekly payouts

    I mostly use Neverblue anymore so for the months that I need that little extra cash Maxbounty can Chime in

    Good Luck to All

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    I just saw this e-mail, this is great for anyone with MaxBounty!!
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    Yep got the email earlier today, great news and definitely a step in the right direction.

    Everything you need to know about making money with CPA!!

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    I've been using them for a long time now and I am very pleased. Great addition
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    MaxBounty said they were going to release some exciting news - and they lived up to their promise! Pretty exciting!
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      I'm very pleasantly surprised. For me, it's less about being able to quickly reinvest the funds (which is important for newbies) and more about never letting them hold on to too much of my money at one time. Networks have gone under, or have experienced difficulties in paying publishers on time, so I can't help but sometimes feel a little worried if I'm investing large amounts of money that I won't see for 30+ days.

      Now that a large, mainstream publisher like Maxbounty has gone weekly, imo it puts the pressure on publishers like Neverblue. NB already offers weeklies, but only if you generate at least $1,000/week. I wonder if weekly will become the new standard.

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    I was just whining about my $800/month not reaching the $1000/week required. Waiting is very hard to do when your a 17 year old teen who has trouble waiting. I have done so well with MaxBounty that I might actually have to pay taxes, and separate my personal and business finances. I wonder what kind of person i'm going to be when i'm thirty.
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    $100 threshold is a lot, but the weekly payments are great if you can make it to $100. I have to admit, I hadn't hear of maxbounty so this is great. Thanks.
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    I 'm waiting weekly payments in C2M.

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    ya now a days if cpa networks want to survive and looking for good quality affiliates , they have take give all sort of facilities especially timely weekly payouts without any reminder..that will be the key to sucess ..
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    It is great news and I know lots of marketers would benefit from this .
    CPA Game Changer - Coming Very Soon !

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      Hey Guys,

      My name is Nissim, I'm the Community Manager at Payoneer.

      I'm pleased to announce that Payoneer has established a new partnership with MaxBounty, allowing all MaxBounty members to receive payments via Payoneer!

      Just login to your MaxBounty accounts and select Payoneer as your payment method to get started.

      If you have any comments, feedback or questions we'd love to hear them!

      Director of Community at Payoneer

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    Yeah Im with maxbounty but I only got one payment from them a while ago so I hope this qualifies me for weekly payments.
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    I don't have a maxbounty account yet, still sticking with trusty neverblue. I have weeklys with neverblue, but it should be standard for affliates.
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