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Good News!

I just received an email from MaxBounty that they are starting Weekly Payments, effective this week, 5/2/2011. Minimum payment thresholds still apply.

Here is the email from MaxBounty

Not long ago, we reached out to all of our publishers to conduct a survey on their thoughts and concerns relating to MaxBounty and performance marketing through CPA networks in general. One of the most common responses from all publishers, both large and small, was that they'd like to see MaxBounty offer weekly payments.

MaxBounty launched in 2004 with the goal of being the first network created by affiliates specifically to provide a higher level of service to affiliates. Since our launch 7 years ago, we've always made the needs of our affiliates our top priority. We were among the first to move to net15 payments, provide sub-ID tracking, provide direct deposit payments, provide PayPal payments, provide an API, and offer weekly payments to our higher volume publishers.

Today, we continue to make affiliates our top priority by introducing weekly payments for all affiliates, regardless of their volume. This change to weeklies for everyone takes effect immediately, and the first round of weekly payments will go out later this week. Please do note that while weeklies are now available for all publishers, there are still a few small eligibility requirements (including meeting our minimum payment threshold and being setup for electronic payments). Your affiliate manager will have full details.

Thank you for your continued business with MaxBounty. We look forward to continuing to introduce changes that improve your work as an affiliate.
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