How Do I Find Do-Follow Forums

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I intend to follow a 30-day forum marketing plan. How do find do-follow forums in particular niches?

Thanks everyone.
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    When you search for a certain type of sites, you go after their footprints. For example find the most popular forum software that are used widely.

    Here are some footprints you can use to locate forums in your niche:

    "Powered by phpBB" + "your keyword"
    "Powered by SMF" + "your keyword"
    "Powered by vBulletin" + "your keyword"

    Do not limit yourself to that, find forum directories, follow trails of other links. If you find another person already advertising on a forum with his signature, find the other places he gets backlinks to his site using:

    Here are a few forum directories as well:

    There is no such thing to find dofollow sites as far as I know, you will have to manually filter your search results. If you ever come across a dofollow (a non-nofollow actually) finding technique please also let us know.

    Besides, do not limit yourself to only dofollow forums, you can get nice traffic from nofollow forums as well, if you add value of course.
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    Forgot to add, not all the forums are built with known software. You can use the following search queries as well:




    replace com with net and org to even find more forums.
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      Nail Yener has given us a very good tip using the google inurl search prefix.

      Forums are indexed by SEs. So, participate in it with good content. Don't spam or you'll get banned by the mods.

      Some will allow you to put signatures after a number of posts. Take advantage of this but follow their TOS when putting your signatures.

      1 more important place is your forum profile. Make sure to place your URL there.
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    If you're trying to find profile links you are sadly going to be disappointed. Once you submit them all you will realize how useless they are when they don't get indexed. Even when they do get indexed, they don't count for much.

    As for them being dofollow, it doesn't matter honestly. You will spend way too much time trying to see if it is dofollow or not, that you will be missing out on link opportunities.
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    Forums are more than just backlinking, PR juice and Google ranks.

    I suggest we broaden our views a bit about Forums and see it in a different light, IF we want to benefit from it.

    Let's see each forum as a wholesome entity to be treated like our very own website. We can also see it as another Google, About and Yahoo Answers. No matter who owns the forum, we can reap a lot from it.

    Some people make FORUMS as their bread and butter. Don't believe me, check out the WSO section of WF. Some creators make an average of $10,000 a month.... REGULARLY. Some make forums as their side income.

    WF is a good example of a forum with tremendous opportunities. There are hundreds of thousands of other forums with all sorts of money making mechanisms, in a multitude of niches.

    There are private forums and public forums. Of course there are private forums in public forums. Forums grow organically and is a class of its own.

    Forum is THE precursor to FaceBook and there are hundreds of millions of Forum users since the 1st CGI forum.

    Unlike SEs and Authority Sites, we don't have to own or pay to benefit from Forums. To gain Top 10 rank in SERPs, we pay a hefty price in money and time. To win high readership in Authority Sites, we need to bust our **** off learning and writing superb articles. Then bust our **** off again to monitor.

    But to gain Top 10 attention in Popular Public Forums, we only need to earn respect by contributing ideas. No need for good grammar, no need for credit card, no need for SEO stuff, no need to track traffic......... zilch. No need for special skills. Just be ourselves. Readers will judge our feelings, character and message. They can judge our commitment to a topic.

    Unlike Google and Authority Sites, forums are places where PEOPLE CAN GATHER with the same interest and exchange thoughts. It can be very personal to the extend you could often see catfights, horseplay, jokes, fun, sharing and a lot more.

    So do you see the potential of how you can benefit from FORUM MARKETING? It's too obvious. You can garner a following for a lot of things. You can brand your product subtly and even brand yourself as a person.

    One example. Check out how WSO creators get fantastic reviews. Initially many are just lurkers. Then became customers. These customers later on became friends. Later on they become subscribers and loyal customers. Then affiliates promoting products. And sooner or later customers churn out their own innovative products. etc etc etc.

    So, do you see the enormous benefits you can reap from Forums in other aspects of IM? An important part of Forum Marketing is your PROFILE LINK, if signatures are ever not allowed.

    We can discuss the HOW later. Lots of people can figure them out already.
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    you can search on "your keyword" inurl:forums "Powered by phpBB"
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    Pl go through this Hub. I have seen discussion here in WF that their are many warriors who gets lots of traffic from forums. But you have to contribute.
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      I have found very useful information here. I was looking for this question when came across to this discussion and it helps me a lot.

      A blog where you will find 3D printing articles written by experienced 3D modelers.

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    you can not define it is no or dofollow by just searching but what you can do is using footprint and google with all the footprint script above and try as much as all the forum to get links as you can.
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    Use this search engine for finding DoFollow forums. I have found this and it is really working. It may help you.

    dofollowforums com
    Learn SEO, Affiliate Marketing, CPA, and Make Money Online !!!!!!!

    Keep your house pest free and be healthy, wealthy, and happy. Get Rid of House Insects. :)
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    Have a look at my signature or:

    Do-Follow Forums • Index page

    Make constructive posts while enjoy dofollow links!
    DoFollow Backlinking, SEO and Internet Marketing Forum - Discuss SEO, IM and everything else!
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    Just search "Do follow forums"
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    Search dofollow forums with Google.
    Or this way
    dofollow forums lists
    Many of the marketers had collected for us

    Let Journey begin.

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    Use DoFollow Diver: DoFollow Diver - The Premier DoFollow Blogs Search Engine
    Type in your keyword and click 'search'.

    "It was a business doing pleasure with you!"
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