Best tracking tool for your CPA campaigns.

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Hey, whats the best tracking tool you guys use.

Traffic source - media buys and second tier PPC (7search etc)

Im aware of Tracking202, but do you guys know of a easier to use hosted solution that can track most things - below is a list of some things I need to track.

Track PPC campaigns
Track Banners - give each banner an ID so I can see which is clicked the most - and from which website
How many people landed on my webpage
how many people went from my landing to the cpa offer
how many people signed up
Which PPC campaign/ad or banner led to that conversion.
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    Why not use Google Analytics?

    Otherwise, MediaPlex is quite good, just search Google for Ad Servers.
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    Can google analytics do everything I need above?
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    For me Tracking202 / Prosper202 are the best tracking softwares out there. However, I think that Bevo Media can be what you're looking for.

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    Adshuffle is a great option for most affiliates, Mediaplex when I used it was about a $5000 a month minimum so you need to be running a pretty significant amount of traffic to justify the costs of most adservers.

    Adshuffle is under $50 a month and provides everything you need. Sitescout would be a great upgrade to that, costs more but has some really awesome features if you buy enough traffic for it to be worth it.

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    Yes Google Analytics could do everything, you would track it through the goals and conversions features, for the different pages you could look at the content drill down feature. Suprisingly, Google Analytics is far more superior than people first realise, it's more than just tracking visitors...

    The only problem with Google Analytics is the inaccurate data, using an ad server as well as Google Analytics would probably be a better option.

    As for MediaPlex costing $5,000 I think we pay significantly less, however that is for a global company. Perhaps a different ad server would be more adaquate.
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    According to your requirements, i think Adshuffle is the best choice when you do media buying.
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    Prosper202 ( self hosted version of tracking202) is one of my best options , as far as tracking is concerned .
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    Why not use P202/ or CPVlab for PPV/PPC traffic and something else for media buying. Didn't do much on media buying but I use CPVlab for both PPV and PPC traffics.
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    Try using CPVlab or adshuffle, they will meet all your requirements and they are the best in the market till now...

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    Try with google analytic , I hope you will get every thing.
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    Tracking202 are worth to try.!
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