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Can anyone please direct me on how to do keyword research?

I need to register domains and start promoting offers (found an interesting offer on hair loss) but I'm getting lost with keyword tracker. The numbers are all confusing.

Any free material will be appreciated.
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  • Profile picture of the author Nikomia and Google's Keyword tool are your best bets.

    Offer on hair loss: probably, Provillus.
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    Hi, try google adword (see

    It is a keyword estimator tool that will help you find the keywords suited to the product you are offering with the monthly volume searches. You can even customize the search to the country you want to target.
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      Hi MrWhistler,
      Here is an example on one keyword Hair regrowth as you can see in the pic the keyword has 74.000 monthly global search and medium competition. Now if you click on this keyword from your Google keyword tool you will see that there is 1.550.000 site with this keyword and its a good number see here .
      If its mine I would go for a domain that have this keywords like hairregrouth.*
      You need to find more long tailed keywords using same method. You need to find keyword that have 2000+ global monthly search with medium-low competition and with low nr of sites. Stay in range under 3.000.000 sites for the keyword. Try to find 4-5 more keywords or what ever you need.

      Good Luck
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    How are you looking to use your keywords? Ppc? Seo? Articles? Etc? Each will be different
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      For keyword research, you can take the help of google adwords keyword tool and word tracker tool. I hope it will help you!!

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      Originally Posted by ChrisBa View Post

      How are you looking to use your keywords? Ppc? Seo? Articles? Etc? Each will be different
      I'm building a wordpress site. So, SEO, articles, social marketing...

      I'm looking to register a domain to start with.
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    You can use google adwords tool to for research .

    It is also important that you focus on keywords which are easy to compete . Make also sure that your keyword is "buyer keyword"
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    Search engine will rank pages and not URL,but i think it good to get a catchy domain for the your web.
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    See get all the combination of keywords which are related to niche and then create long tail keywords which should be beneficial for creating a reputed image online.
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    Maybe you should try the SEO section... There is a lot of stuff on SEO and keyword research there.

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    Google's keyword tool is FREE and straight from the source.

    Also keep in mind you will get some conflicting data when using various keyword research tools.
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    I use SEObook and market samurai...both tools are very handy
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    There's also some great videos on You Tube if you search for keyword research. Type in Keyword research tool
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    dont use any paid tool but the best i used so far is google external tool with exact keyword. It is a rought estimate traffic but it is always a good tool i use so far

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    Adword key tool is a very powerful free tool powered by Google. This toil will give you valuable information about keywords. You have to know how to process those data for proper use. Just do some search in this forum and Google for learning the technique of processing this raw data.
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    i recommend google keyword tool and also market samurai
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    You don't need any fancy software to find good keywords you will need time and patients. First go to google keywords then enter in the keywords your looking for.

    Under advanced setting change the traffic to Global traffic <= 20k click on the traffic section to sort traffic from highest to lowest beside the keyword with the highest traffic click the manifying glass.

    This will take you to google insights click on the google sign beside each keyword and look for competing pages less the 200,000 of competing pages. Rinse and repeat!

    If you found this helpful hit thanks!

    I do offer training classes in keyword research and seo so let me know if you need more help.

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    Actually no one knows which keyword track tool is accurate, so Google Adwords Keyword Tool is enough, the key point is pick suitable keywords from hundreds of them, and it depends on your choice.
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    Try these it will give you better idea
    1. SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool
    This is tool uses the Overture (Yahoo! Search Marketing engine) to produce estimations of monthly search volume.
    2. Basically it gets the number of monthly searches reported by Yahoo! and divides it by two to find the MSN results and multiply it by two to find the Google results. It is a versatile tool because apart from the estimated search volume, it also brings links to several other tools and queries
    2. Google Trends
    Google Trends allows you to compare the traffic levels of search queries along the time. You can insert up to five search queries, and the results can be filtered by region and time span.
    3. Wordtracker
    Wordtracker is a paid service ($300 yearly or $30 weekly), but it comes with a free trial tool which can be used after registering on their website.
    The advantage of Wordtracker is that come with extra featured, including a keyword thesaurus and lateral search terms. You can use this tool, therefore, when you are not completely sure about the keywords you will be targeting.
    If you want a more complete coverage about the many keyword research tools available on the Internet
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