what recourse we do we have when a NW simply does not pay?

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so I guess many of us have been there. We create the money wait for our check/payment/ after a few weeks/months you realize you aren't going to see it. No reason, no response.

So do we have any re-course? Anyone filed a calim for non payment? I think you know which NW this (F.F) is but as a matter of principle I want my payment. To receive no reply to 2 months of asking where my check is is damm right annoying/rude and wrong!
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    If the network is legit and reputable and you promoted the offer abiding by all terms, then 99.99% of the times you will get paid and paid on time. If you didn't promote abiding by all terms and conditions, then you may not get paid and there isn't much worthwhile recourse because terms are terms to protect the network.

    If the network is not reputable, then whether you promoted correctly or not, there is little recourse. Many of these scam networks are based in other countries and it would cost you more to track the network down than your actual commission, and the case wouldn't be frivolous so you wouldn't be able to sue for your legal fees.

    At the end of the day, the truth about litigation and recourse is that in a majority of cases it will cost more to litigate than the actual amount you are owed so it's simply not worth it. If you are denied commissions of $50,000, that's a different story but for the people who are owed $500 or $2,500...its a lot of work effort and money you will need to spend to try and get your money.

    This is why a majority of these disputes never go anywhere.

    Just my opinions!
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    Kenster is right. If you're sticking with the bigger networks, you certainly have the best situation of being paid provided that your revenue was generated within the clearly stated guidelines. That may seem obvious but there are plenty of publishers who act surprised when they fail to receive payment from an unproven network or have knowingly delivered faulty leads. If you fall into the former, it's definitely an unfortunate reality.

    As far as recourse goes, you really have to justify whether or not it's worth pursuing legally - principle or not. You many want to consult with a legal team of sorts and determine what the course of action should be, if any. Hopefully you get what's owed to you.

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