Why start with Click Bank?

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As a newbie, the biggest problem I once met was how to choose a suitable network.

Since I got few websites which ran adsense before, it's not difficult for me to get approved on networks like CB, CJ and many other CPA networks.

After few weeks work, I found for newbie like me, Click Bank maybe the best Affiliate Program(NOT CPA networks, thanks for mtmjohn) to start with.

Because most of leads on ClickBank are selling non-physical objects.

E_books, Downloads or Submissions, it's easy and convenient for visitors to get the leads done, we got more chances to get money.

So if you are a newbie and don't know which Affiliate network to start with, you should check ClickBank first. Won't let you down.
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    Were you paid by Clickbank to say this? lol

    Are you wanting to learn all the poker lingo?

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      I gotta say my all time favorite network is Neverblue.

      Sorry but Clickbank doesn't even enter my mind when I think CPA.



      "People will remain the same until the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change."

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      Originally Posted by dcristo View Post

      Were you paid by Clickbank to say this? lol
      Ummm... I should ask them whether they can pay for this.
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      Originally Posted by mtmjohn View Post

      ClickBank is not a CPA Network i believe.
      :p, I'm totally a newbie. Could you please tell me what Clickbank is? What should I call it?
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      Originally Posted by mtmjohn View Post

      ClickBank is not a CPA Network i believe.
      Me too.

      Digital Products Retailer: Affiliate Program & Sell Online - ClickBank

      So it's rather called an Affiliate Program.

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        If I had known about CPA before clickbank I probably would have made a lot more money, its much easier to get leads than sell rubbish digital products.

        Just to add to that there are some good products on Clickbank and I do make some money with them.

        I just never understood why people say start here to newbies, in my opinion its bad advice:
        • its competative,
        • support is minimal
        • they only offer limited tracking,
        • and you have to wade through loads of crap to find good offers.

        Wish I had known about CPA right from the start
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    Clickbank isn't a CPA network.

    I tend to agree with ukcarl on this one. Another problem I can think of with clickbank for newbies is that many people start off with a minimal budget so cashflow is essential. The long time it takes to get initial payments from clickbank could be an issue for many starting out.
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      While I don't think clickbank is rubbish, and I make good cash with them, I agree that it's not a good place for newbies to start out. CPS is a lot harder to profit from than CPL, and as Marko87 points out the cash flow problems can be an issue. So can refunds when you're starting out and don't know what to expect.
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    I'm sure we all would recommend anyone we have had success with. Rather than telling someone to go to click bank I would advise them to look around do their own research and make a qualified decision based on their actual results!
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    Clickbank is a good system if you're pushing a unique (and appealing enough) product. But have also seen a lot of sellers discounting their products. Figured, why don't they test out some of their products, or even value-added goods, with CPA? Costs the user nothing but a few taps on the keyboard and pays the seller almost the same rate per lead as what they're discounting the product for anyway...

    Skype/AIM: LeadBoltBrian
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    Clickbank is not exactly a CPA network, since they work only with CPS.

    Also, Clickbank is easier to join for beginners, because they don't have an approval process, but I personally think that CPA would be a better start.

    With CPA we can promote lead gen offers and real world brands, not just reports and video series. So CPA gives more possibilities and offers the chance of making money without actually selling stuff.

    I'm not saying that selling stuff isn't good. On the contrary, people shouldn't be afraid of it. But the fact is that lead gen offers are easier to promote for beginners, when hitting the big bucks isn't a concern and the goal is just turn a positive ROI.

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    The only thing I don't like about Clickbank are their enormous fees for merchants.
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    Listen Clickbank Is An Account Which Gave You The Product With A Link And Then Its Your Responsibility To Sale That Product Where You Want...!!
    If You Sale That Product Then You Get The Commission Around 50% to 75%..
    So Enjoy It..!!
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    Thanks for sharing mate

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