Which affiliate networks offer 24/7 support?

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Hi Warriors,

Please let me know which affiliate networks that have a lots of soft lead (short form filling and free trials) offers offer 24/7 support The reason I can't speak to the affiliate manager of network that I am part of, as my job needs me to work in EST time zone. So I need to work with networks that offer support on weekends.

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    There are many affiliate networks that offer you 24/7 support,
    if not on cell phone, they do offer 24/7 support online through chat or e-mail.
    For you i'll recommend market leverage and peerfly.

    These are one of the top networks on internet with high payouts and nice support...

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    I think ARM media network should be compatible with your timeline.

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    I'm pretty sure xrev media do. Check them out.
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      Originally Posted by AndrewZapp View Post

      I'm pretty sure xrev media do. Check them out.
      Andrew, you are right. We service our Pubs 24/7.
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    24/7 is great. For our company, our affiliate managers periodically check emails over the weekends and even log on ICQ/AIM/Skype. Usually if an affiliate request a certain time we try to accommodate it.
    Affiliate Manager // DatingGold.com
    Get approved fast! Contact me
    AIM: DatingGoldJason
    Skype: DatingGoldJason
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    Just ask your AM where you can reach her/him over the weekend if you need anything addressed. Usually, a good relationship with your network will include knowing the best line of communication outside their office hours.

    Skype/AIM: LeadBoltBrian
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    Even networks that don't offer 24/7 support, like LeadBoltBrian said, if you're regularly talking to your affiliate manager, they'll most likely be happy to speak to you even over the weekend or out of hours.
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