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by Toby.T
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This thread goes out to all those who fail with paid traffic, I was in the same boat a few months back, pouring money into ad networks, testing offers. I have started to amass some good earnings and I have the Warrior forum to thank for it, everything I have learn here has been free so I thought I would give back with some helpful tips that should keep you on the right track.

CPA Tips:

1) Do not always pick the highest paying offer, there is a reason it pays a lot. Too many times I have heard friends and others say, see that offer it pays 250.. 500... 1000.. you might spend months for these conversions. Start small if you are looking to get started with paid traffic.
2) If you see similar advertising for a product across the web or offer, chances are it converts, take note as you browse the web, keep a log of offers and creatives that catch your eye.
3) Test an offer, (even if its just 10-20 dollars) test it out on a network, if you see some conversions, you may already be onto a winner!
4) Scale up, if it works, scale it up.. if you are making a profit, chase similar sources of traffic and see how much further you can take the offer. If you are starting to lose, split test and see where you can make up some lost ground.
5) Reach out into different techniques - once you find yourself on a winner, don't move on, see how else you can use what you know to maximize your return.
6) Don't give up, sure you will lose a few dollars, personally I have sunk a few hundred into an offer or two or three with little return, don't let it knock you back just claim it on tax and keep your head up!

I am still learning new stuff everyday so I am sure there are plenty more tips I could share and people could share with me but this is just a quick note for those who are in need of some tips.

Good luck to all, and biggest thanks to the warrior forum, it's where I started my IM journey only 1 year ago.

I am closing in my biggest goal yet!
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