anybody used ?

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Since I can't find much information on this company, I would like to ask if aenybody has ever worked with Marimedia. Both advertiser as publisher experiences I would like to hear about.

thank you!
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    Hi mccauley,

    My name is Tomer Nahumi, a manager at Marimedia. For more information about us please visit our blog at for testimonials, original Internet marketing articles written by Marimedia team members, and the latest news and updates from Marimedia. Also visit our facebook at to see what is going on around the office. Please contact me if there is anything I can help you with. Thank you for your interest in Marimedia.

    Tomer Nahumi | Marimedia
    Skype: MarimediaOnline
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    i used them as a publisher.
    Got a payment on time. But...
    We agreed to sell CPM. But just before the payment, they said that i'm running their tags on revshare basis. My traffic is good, so the difference was about $100, but it was bad surprise.
    So i have mixed feelings about them.
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      Can you explain what happened? You can contact me through Skype at MarimediaOnline. Thanks.

      Tomer Nahumi | Marimedia
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        I have not used them but someone I used to work with has. From what I remember he seemed to think highly of them but I'm not sure. I can find out more if someone is really interested.
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          I'd like to get in touch with someone at Marimedia.

          Who is the best person to reach out to for business development opportunities?
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    What kind of traffic you sell to ? PM me please
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      I work for a dating website and Marimedia has been really good in generating us new leads. Probably one of the best, if not the best, conversion rates from all the companies we've tried. CPL is one of their specialties from what I believe. We run a couple other niche dating websites and will likely use them as the focus for our marketing efforts.
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        Are you doing anything on a CPM basis to supplement your CPA efforts?

        I'd be curious as to how we'd perform for you.

        Feel free to drop me a note kriggs at to chat sometime.
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    What are the payouts for 1000 like?
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    i have used the,They have been fine with me.
    "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." True, or true?!
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    I am interested in CPM but not sure what programs are the best. For now CPC works much better for me.

    I would like to hear some another experience about Marimedia. Does anyone of you do it with Marimdia, I d like to share some information.
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      Hi Trixy,

      Like I say, I not used them but peoples who works with Marimedia is satisfied. If you don t have some new information, I will try to help you about some information. People have highly opinion, but we can check.
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    Thanks a lot, I have good experience like some people who I know. Of course noting is not ideal but for now I am satisfied with Marimedia.
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