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by Omid
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I just came to a simple idea to help other warriors, especially newbies, in CPA industry and add more value to this forum as well.

The plan: Let’s share just a simple paragraph that gives valuable and helpful information on promoting CPA offers. It really does not matter what you say, everything that could help other warriors will be your “Secret CPA Hint”. The hint can be a paragraph containing at least 2-3 sentences. And guess what, after 20 posts we will have 20 paragraphs pure content about CPA marketing. The other warriors, all the newbies and even future members of this forum will have a good source of information.

Important: To make it more useful let’s share specific points or experiences. It could be an experience you had with a CPA network, a simple technique you used in one of your campaigns, a point on building landing pages, a simple PhotoShop hint to make better landing pages or a WSO you read which changed your life. Let’s avoid sharing general hints like talking about PPC in general or what is the benefit of list building since they can be found everywhere.

Let’s start with mine:

“I have a little hint for those who use Facebook PPC platform to promote CPA offers. One problem with them is that they are really tough with images and ad copies but I’ve found out that whatever they reject is more profitable. If you do not know what creative will give you money, keep submitting those that got declined until they get approved. Some of them may never be approved but those that get accepted after a couple of tries will definitely be profitable; believe me guys!”

I really appreciate effort of those who share their hints or experiences.

Update 6/20/2011: 7 more useful posts added

~ Omid
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    For newbies, you are better using a CPA network that supports email submits or ZIP submits because if you have no experience in getting traffic and getting people to complete your offer but if they see that they just need to submit an email then you can make easy money, it's usually $1 per lead for an email submit or a ZIP submit. Goodluck newbies and I hope this is what you meant OP by giving our paragraph on helping others.
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    Thank you for this post Omid!
    I don't know if other warriors agree with me but I found that users that are using IE browser converts better than other browsers as Firefox and Chrome , Opera etc..
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      Great post, Omid! This thread could turn into something good.

      I would have to say this:

      There are no secrets to Internet Marketing. The only thing remotely close to a secret would be what seperates the people that are making money, and the people that are losing money. That thing is persistence. People tend to think that Internet Marketing is something that you can just jump in on, press a magical software button, and start racking in cash. I hope that everyone understands that investing a lot of quality time is key. Things might seem intimidating, but from my experience, if you just start chipping away little by little, a month later you will be surprised how far you have come.

      Want to see $500 days? Click Above!
      I will guide you the whole way there.
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        Good Topic and Post Omid!

        Heres mine:

        I feel that for people just starting out with CPA, one of the hardest and frustrating tasks is actually getting approved to the networks. In my experience the best things to do are to be honest about your experience, use PPC (on the application) as your method of promotion using the landing pages provided by the network, and use facebook.com or google.com as your website (if required). I suggest that in general, to leave out your website on the application process. Why? because you site might be great to you, but not to the network. Don't give them a reason to deny you. I always say that I don't have a website and that I use ppc advertising via google and fb to drive traffic, and have never had a problem getting approved.

        Lastly, and probably most important, always take the initiative and call the network about 30-45 minutes after submitting the application to expedite the approval process. This does two things: it shows that you are for real and serious, and, as long as you were truthful on your application, it gets you approved after a quick 2-3 minute call.

        Thats my two cents!
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    For Facebook advertising: put a red boarder around your image..it grabs attention. Higher CTR = lower CPC
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    I want to do CPA network exactly, so I still study..,I think CPA is grea because it can give big earn other than adsense..

    I will share a little bit information about how to be approved by CPA network..As long as I did, it's easily to be approved on CPA if you have a good site,,like PR5 blog..,try this and you will be accepted fastly...
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    If you are into the Dating field, try to take a dip into the homosexual crowd. Back when I was doing dating, I had A LOT more success with approaching Gay/Bi-sexual Men and Woman as opposed to straight because straight people have been bombarded with dating offers since for ever. The homosexual crowd see these offers being thrown at them way less as not many marketers target them. Trust me, use your creativity and launch a dating campaign aiming strictly at homosexual's and see how it works out for you!
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    Well it seems we have 8 posts here... This is good ... But more contribution needed!
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    hmmm...now you are talking big boy!

    take a dip into the homosexual crowd.

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