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Hey guys,

I havent posted in a while so it feels good to be back.

so I will keep it succinct.

I am starting a campaign with 7search. I have my lander and my autoresponder ready.

You can follow me as I will include every step I take including keywords, title, description ect...

So I created my account with 7search. I created my campaign with the following charactoristics:

Title: "Make Money Online GUARANTEED"
Description: "Click Here to find out how you can really make extra money online! NO SCAMS...100% Risk Free!"
URL: (My Lander)

If you have any suggestions on how to make it any better feel free to post

I hope that using "GUARANTEED" will not get me into any trouble.. will it?
Once the person subscribes I will email them information and cpa offers and a bunch of ideas on how they can make money online...

So this is how far I have gotten so far.. I will update you on my keywords next.

BTW I don't mind sharing this information with everyone.. It can really help some people understand CPA marketing more..

Check Back Soon!!

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