How Not to Apply to a CPA Network

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The how to guides are always coaching you on how to get accepted by telling them what they want to hear in the phone interview. These guys are pretty good at sniffing out BS, though it doesn't take a genius to recognize some. Convert2Media put one classic interview up youtube.

They sent them him to that BSer screen lockup page another forum uses.
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    The important thing in the interview is to be open and honest. You're right, they've heard it all. So if you're feeding them BS about making thousands with PPC but can't even shown them a successful landing page then that you may have a problem.

    But getting accepted to CPA networks as a newbie is actually pretty easy if you follow the right steps.
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    I don't know what the problem is. I've been using the SE3 to to ninja market via the automotive pixel tool on The Google for several years. It works.
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    These are just actors hired by not so legit people trying to get into and fraud networks
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    That's a well needed title though. For CPA newbies, most of them are confused as to how to be legit and apply for a CPA network. Lot of stuff around nowadays telling them how to "spoof" their way in.

    "Be Still Like A Mountain And Flow Like A Great River"

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    Hahahahaha this was hillarious.

    Thank you for the great laugh.

    'I use the bing, the googles, the articles, the youtube, the blog, the search engine optimization, ...'

    I think this guy looked up "Internet Marketing Glossary" and just said he had and does everything on the list.

    Good luck on 'The Google' guys, Watch out for 'The Spider',

    :: Matt P

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    I will guide you the whole way there.
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    Fraud is a part of the CPA industry. And believe it or not, networks get hundreds of fraud applications every day.
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    Haha, that was pretty funny.

    I do some SE ZERO myself
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    haha good stuff
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      I am really not that mean in person. I actually love working with affiliates and advertisers both. Unfortunately for the guy in this video (Mr. Green Grass Tall, Inc) he caught me on a day where I was ready to have some fun.

      Funny thing is he had called the day before and it was 10x's funnier so I decided it had gone too far and asked him to call back tomorrow for an immediate approval. This is where the camera came into play.

      Here are some tips:
      1. If you are new, be HONEST!
      2. If you do not have a website, do not buy one and try and pawn it off as your own.
      3. If someone tells you they will pay you for getting applications approved for them - stay away!
      4. If you are not familiar with certain forms of marketing or traffic sources - say so... trust me we will know pretty quickly!
      5. If you can not speak fluent English, please do not apply!
      6. Be honest about your revenue and earnings, again this is easy to detect the BS!
      7. If you are wanting to get into Convert2Media or any other similar CPA Network to see what offers we have - Why not check OfferVault, ODigger, or BevoMedia!
      8. If you send screen shots of earnings or say your work with a particular network, be rest assured we will cross reference this information...this all goes back to point #1 - BE HONEST!
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