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It seems to me that CPA networks would obviously be one of the best means of building highly-targeted lists outside the internet marketing niche. I did a test run on a big name network with $100 and a $10 daily limited. I still have money in the account and got 9 leads in the dating niche. This was done just to see what would happen. I did no real work. Just think what would happen if I pursued it aggressively.

Scott Bennett
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    Absolutely...many CPA campaigns are aimed exclusively at building a list. In fact, many times these campaigns can actually lose money up front, but are profitable in the long run after monetizing into the future.

    The most common sales funnel for listbuilding via CPA is a simple squeeze lander!
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    Definitely try to build a list for CPA, just as the Master himself said!
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    EMAIL SUBMITS, one, if not THE, most popular type of CPA offer is just a VERY simple squeeze page usually with an incentive.
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    Yes CPA is very good for list building. I will also try it.
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    You are definitely right .

    There are lots of money to be made as an advertisers .

    If you have well tested squeeze page , I advice that testing CPA networks to drive leads . Make also sure to test it small , during testing .
    CPA Game Changer - Coming Very Soon !

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    Talking about an incentive to build an email list.. What's your opinion about offering a PLR ebook as incentive, for example ?
    Is this method still effective or not ?


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    Well... yeah. The hard part (as an advertiser) is making that data back out. A bit different than monetizing "free" leads from your SEO assets.
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    That's is very good, you should pursue this method and perhaps be a little bit more aggressive and that can probably a winner for you.
    Good luck in your next campaign.
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    It certainly helps to build a list in every niche that you can. There is
    always going to be something in this world that you can promote to
    that certain list / niche.
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  • Yes and not just building your list ... But having a powerful backend to convert those leads into sales. First, you want to focus on building the relationship and trust with new leads. Then, survey your list to gather information on your audience. Then offer them a product that fits the "transformation" or solution there after!
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      money is in the list!!!!!!!!!
      "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." True, or true?!
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