Finding a winning offer?

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Hi Warriors,

Could anyone share a few key criteria for a great offer? Too many offers out there, overwhelming for a newbie like me...I wonder if there are some key factors to take into consideration when choosing among sites like Offervault.

Thanks a lot.

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    Look for the best EPC and conversion rate. Ultimately you want to test different offers to see which works best for your traffic.
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      thanks man, great tip.

      Is there a valid place to check EPC for different offers? I mean, you can ask AM about it, but how can you be sure?
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    Both Maxbounty and Peerfly have EPC listed. I use them and have had good results with both.
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    Ok. Good question. I remember that when I just started promoting CPA offers I used to be asking the same questions thousands of times each day.

    But you know the problem is you shouldn't ask about the offer. You have to ask about the niche. After you found your niche then go for the offers. Each niche has its own market.

    For example, a live example that I am running now:

    I chose the dating niche for Canadian males that like ... (This part is hidden since I do not want to reveal the demographics):p lol (I have come up with this niche after spending hundreds of dollars on the traffic, you know)

    After receiving enough traffic I started rotating 4-5 offers that my Affiliate Manager suggested to see which one converts better. I have come up with 2 killing offers. Next step is to scale and optimize the campaign (like building and testing landers).

    So my answer is find your niche instead of finding your offer! After you have done with niche research you can easily find the best offer by simply testing some of them!

    ~ Omid
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    You definitely need to focus on CPA offers which have got good conversion rate . Higher EPC offers are the best option .

    or , just ask your affiliate manager for the best converting CPA offers . Make also sure to be as specific as possible . For instance , if you want to promote CPA offers with facebook ad , then you need to ask your affiliate manager for the best converting CPA offers which are suitable for facebook traffic .
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      Besides using the other resources others have mentioned already, depending on what you're doing (media buys, PPV, PPC, ETC) Take a look at what your potential competitors are doing / running. If you see the same type of AD / offer being used, then you're most likely going to want to try something similar. It's one of the top advantages to working in this field. I'm not suggesting you copy your competitors but if you see someone running an offer for 1-2 weeks straight on the same placement, with the same source, odds are it's working for them. If it's not broke don't fix it
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