I am new to CPA marketing and i need help Choosing an offer

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Hey guys,

I have been internet marketing for a little under 3 years now. I have expeirence in SEO, google adwords and a little experience with facebook ads.

I am looking to start CPA marketing.

I have $1000 to invest.

I managed to get accepted into 11 CPA Networksbut i am not sure what kind of offers to run

I would like to start promoting offers with facebook ads. What are some good offers to promote with facebook ads. Also what is some good inexpensive software where i can design good landing pages.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
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    Hi there vicsmush and welcome the warrior forum : ),

    So you say your into 11 networks/ Congrats on that because that can be a mission all in its self. Here is what you should.

    1. Pick a 1 network that your in with a great reputation.

    2. Contact you AM from that network and introduce yourself and establish a good relationship ( VITAL)

    3. Some might say this is backwards but I think you should decide what type of traffic your going to go with before you find an offer. Because once you got the traffic source in mind you can always ask your am what offers are doing well with that traffic.

    4. Decide on the verticle you want to be in. Many look at offers instead of the actual verticle when deciding on offers. If you can find a market and work the MARKET switching out offers will be easy.

    5. Set up and test your campaign

    6. Analyze data and re rerun your campaign

    7. complete step 6 again and again until you have a profitable campaign if possible.

    I know that its not detailed but it should help a little I hope. As for landing pages you can download free html software online.

    Komposer or NVU html editors will get the job done. Good luck and never stop testing and taking some action.
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    The good thing is that you have more than enough networks and thus offers to choose from!! Nice work!

    I have seen many of the primary CPA niches on Facebook but the trick for you is to utilize that $1,000 as best as possible. It may seem like a lot, but it's amazing how fast you can drain $1,000 unless you are methodically tracking every single aspect of the campaign and testing very small.

    I always say, test small, optimize small, and only then start thinking about scaling the campaign.

    Wishing you tremendous luck dude!
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      So how long should you run a test email/zip submit campaign? How many clicks to get statically significant data?
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        Originally Posted by b1833 View Post

        So how long should you run a test email/zip submit campaign? How many clicks to get statically significant data?

        I mean there's a formal definition of statistical significance as it relates to a normal distribution curve of statistical data...deals with sigma and that sort of thing (not that I did that well in stats class)

        But seriously I think if you get 50 clicks on an offer, you can get a good idea of how it converts. Keep in mind that if you are split testing an offer, you have to use similar traffic because different traffic converts very differently. So you have to keep all other variables other than the actual offer the same when split testing.
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          Thank you for your reply.

          So my quesition is this; If I am driving PPV traffic, each time the page/offer serves up, that tracks as a "click". So unlike PPC advertising, I can't see how many are "interested" vs "convert". I only see the conversions.

          In that situation, how do I determine if an offer for that traffic stream (Keywork/URL list) is good?

          I am losing money on all of several offers I am running. But I assume I continue to test and tweak to make it profitable.

          How many pages served to a given url that is not converting before I nix that URL?

          I appreciate your help.
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            You should put up a presell landing page as the popunder rather than direct linking. Usually that increases conversions if it's a good one.

            You might even be able to build a list of your own, and re-market to the list w/ additional offers. This might increase the lifetime value of the clicks.

            Plus, you can also track clickthroughs vs. views. That will help you optimize more efficiently.
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