why need landing page?

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hello, all warriors

can u please give me some details?
what is landing page?
why we need landing page?
what is the benefit of landing page?

please answer all the question in details, and in easy manner.which is easy to understand to all.
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    Hi skyacme,
    A landing page is a normal website that you use to promote one or more campaigns. Many advertising networks wont allow direct linking to the offers using your affiliate links that's why you need a landing page in the 1st place then landing pages has higher conversion rates than direct linking to CPA offers.
    With landing page you can test more offers in same place to see which converts better.
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    Not only can you test multiple offers on the same landing page, but you can also split test by trying different looking landing pages.
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    Thanks a lot ,Mahmoud Selman. for your answer.

    is there anyone who are more descriptive?
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    Landing pages are mostly used to presell your CPA offers . Landing pages are helpful to increase the conversion rate of your offers .
    CPA Game Changer - Coming Very Soon !

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