how do i create a link in neverblue?

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hi guys

just wondering how do i create my affiliate link with neverblue so i can post it in forums for example?

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    Just go to the campaign you want, click the 'Email Creatives' or 'Other Creatives' tab. You'll see HTML & text creatives toward the bottom of the page. It's going to ask you for the site you're using before it'll give the HTML code. Use the site you signed up with even if you're not putting the text on the site. Then copy it & paste it wherever you want to use it.

    Hope that helps,
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    Cynthia said everything.
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    thanks guys for the feedback, one more question if i may, what code do i put in so i can get payment for anyone taking action, is it the tracking url?

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    NOP, your affiliate link that will be given to you will track your sales and they will be added to your account
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      Originally Posted by Shadi View Post

      NOP, your affiliate link that will be given to you will track your sales and they will be added to your account
      ok sorry bout this, im a little confused, maybe im missing something, but i havent actually seen an "Affiliate link" is it the HMTL code that is the affiliate link?

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    No actually.... With neverblue... The aff link that you are looking for to do a click here link or somthing like that would be in the "Other Creatives" or the "Search Creatives" not email... If you go the the email creatives then you are going to be given an html thing and you are going to need to find the right url and get it out blah blah blah... Just click Search creatives or other creatives. With neverblue, not all of there offers have creatives for other or search, if that is the case then you could get creative and cut the right link out of the email code you could do that with the banner code aswell, or just ask or aff manager... But if ther dont offer a search creative or an other creative then they dont want you do have it! That campaign would be for email only or somthing like that.

    O ya... Once you go to the "other creatives" or "search creatives" tab, you want the "page search URL" or the "tracking URL"... If you are trying to get the correct URL out of the email code or the banner code then the best thing to look for is you aff ID number... There will be two differant links that will both look correct, one will be for the image, and the other will be the correct one, Your aff ID can be found if you go to the account tab in your neverblue main page, once you open up the account tab then you aff ID is at the top of the page, it is 5 numbers long! I guess you could just ask your aff manager for help!


    Micah Rush.

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    great news people, checked my neverblue account, $21 in there, i cant believe it!
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