Facebook advertising - cost, success, suggestions?

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Have tried running an ads with plenty of fish but aguess I suck at getting a good CTR so I would like to jump into facebook advertising since they got CPC and just wondering if its a good choice? What are the CPC, can you do direct linking, how long does the ads take to approved, what type of an offers get approved without problems, how much are you earning with facebook ads etc, please advice, thank you!
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    Why did you give up with POF? You should stick with it until you see results!

    Anyway, Facebook has become tough on ads. They allow direct linking but not for all networks, as far as I know! CPC is fairly high and I think they do the approvals from morning till afternoon hours (8-5)!

    ~ Omid
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      First off, as Omid mentioned, make sure you stick with one traffic source for a while. You may see similar results with Facebook at first. You don't want to jump around, that is the fastest way to frustration and losing money.

      That being said, Facebook is still a great traffic source and my primary income source. If you are having CTR issues on POF, then you may still see issues on Facebook. POF has one of the most detailed demographics targeting engines period, way more options than Facebook.

      But, Facebook has 600 million members, so you get a lot of potential traffic.

      1. What are the CPC? - This ranges depending on a lot of variables. First and foremost your CPC will be determined largely by your CTR. CTR below .1% will get you much higher costs. If you can stay in the .2-.5% range (yes it's possible to do this long term) you will see better CPCs (in the US depending, this can be down to .05-.15 depending). Certain international markets will get you .10 and below CPC with .1-.15% CTR.

      2. Can you go direct linking? - Certainly, this depends on the offer type (no e-mail submits, polls, etc.) but most dating, games, insurance, etc offers are fine.

      3. How long does it take to get your ad approved? - This depends on the country you are targeting and certain other factors. I often get ads approved in the middle of the night. Just today I started a campaign and uploaded 200 ads and they were basically insta-approved (within 20 minutes).

      4. What type of offers get approved without problems? - Lots, it's more about your ad. Many dating offers, game offers, auto insurance offers, edu offers all get approved fine. You don't want an exit pop, you don't want e-mail submits. Those will typically get rejected. You also want to stay away from BeNaughty and Flirt dating apps. The image and content of your ad is important as well, to risque and you will get disapproved.

      5. How much are you earning? - This shouldn't matter. If I make 20k/day on Facebook (and trust me there are people doing these numbers) that should have no bearing on what you can/will make.

      That being said, I take this question more as a 'can you make good money advertising CPA offers on Facebook' and the anser is yes, you absolutely can. It is PPC, so plan everything and test everything. You are spending your hard-earned money to get people to click your ad and complete your offer. It's arbitrage. Keep your EPC above your CPC and you are golden.

      In terms of ROI, it's very possible to see anywhere from 35-100% ROI on a regular basis depending. Put a list and funnel on this and you can push 200-400%+

      Put a budget in place, put a plan in place and test your data. If you spend $25/day and make a 20% profit, then you're doing $5.00/day. Not huge, but it's a start. Scale your campaigns and go from there.

      I hope this helps, I ramble a lot, but I want to make sure you get as much info as you need to help you get going. Don't go in blindly. Keep your CTR up, and target the right audience. Good luck, and post any questions here. A lot of great people are on here who can help, and I'm always looking to try and answer questions when I can get on.

      I learn something new everyday myself man!
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        I want to start a campaign in facebook in gaming niche. My offer a product about a game which is online mmorpg game, it is not fb game. IS fb good source for this niche? :confused: or should I go with banner ads? :confused:
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    I think it is best to discuss with your affiliate manager about the best converting CPA offers which work with Facebook traffic .

    It is also advisable to spy successful Facebook ad advertisers and learn how they are promoting their offers .
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      As Mike mentioned, you can chat with your AM about related offers that are doing well on FB. If this is more of a Clickbank or non CPA network-related product, you may not have anyone to ask.

      You can test with a small budget, but the problem is you won't have good data until you can at least test spending 3-5 times the offer payout (in a lot of cases even 10 times). So depending on how much the cost of the guide is, this can get expensive.

      Gaming guides for Facebook games have done ok for me overall, but again Facebook is filled with people looking to pass the time, goof off, etc. There are plenty of people who will probably be willing to buy the guide, but they may not be in that mindset when hanging out on FB (as opposed to being on FB and playing the FB game).

      That being said, again, if the guide is good and the game has a very strong, hungry following, it could work. You could also get people to a fan page and or list for the game and get a series going with some tips, news, etc. Then you can promote the guide to your list/fan page. Sending users to a FB page can also improve your CTR since the ad has a Like button and such.

      Hope this helps.
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      It is also advisable to spy successful Facebook ad advertisers and learn how they are promoting their offers .[/QUOTE]

      How do you spy on other ads? I only see small amount of ads.
      Is there a way to be able to view more ads in your niche?
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    If you go for Facebook PPC, I'd definitely recommend that you first direct them to a Facebook page where you will invite them to "like" your page.

    This will allow you to promote to your page later on (a bit like list building).

    I do recommend that you provide value when you post though in order to actually build a relationship with your fans.

    As for running a PPC campaign on Facebook:

    1-The first thing you want to do is create an ad that gets a high CTR. Picnik.com is a cool place to easily modify your ads and test different versions.

    2-Once you have an ad with a high CTR, you want to switch to CPM - That's where you can get very low priced clicks.

    3-Be very targeted when running an ad. You don't want to be targeting over 40,000 people per ad.

    4-Bidding: Make sure you bid a bit above FB recommended pricing for CPM.

    -> CPC gets better positioning on FB than CPM, but it's a lot more expensive. I would use CPC to test CTR. Once I find an ad with high CTR, I'd move it to CPM.

    Hope this helps!

    It goes a lot deeper than this, but this would be a very general summary.
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    There is almost as much to learn about pay per click advertising as SEO, perhaps even more so. This thread has been very helpful.
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    thanks everone for suggestions and feedbacks, I just wanted to know if there is real money to be made with facebook, I'm not new to internet marketing and been doing SEO for a long while but with google slaps I just decided to switch to PPC and would like to get started with one traffic source and to master it to its full potentials and I'm not trying to make $100 or $200 dollars a day, I'm after the big fish so thats why I'm asking if I'm on the right track with Facebook PPC and if there is a potentials and actual users on this forums that make over 1k a day profit with facebook ads.
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    advertising on facebook is more expensive, I prefer to advertise on google adwords because the costs can be controlled
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      You can control your costs on Facebook as well. The problem is a lot of people jump into Facebook with the same approach as they would with Adwords, or other PPC engines (I did) and it just won't be successful for you that way.

      It's not rocket science and it's not a magic bullet either. The secrets are hard work and dedication. Testing is everything and marekting the right way for the right offers is as well.

      What I mean by that is don't jump into FB Ads trying to promote CB products and such, not off the bat. You can certainly market affiliate/cps type products, but you'll use FB to create a fanpage/list/funnel for this and market these on the back end.

      While people are on FB, they are goofing off, socializing, playing games. Give them offers that are in line with that.

      In any case, obviously there is a lot that has been said about FB all over, but the main point here, is can you make a lot of money with FB PPC, and you can make a lot of money direct linking.

      Yes you can make $1k-2k/day on FB, you can make more if your budget permits and you gain experience enough to find the winners, optimize and scale efficiently.

      When direct linking, you are basically playing the arbitrage game. If you have your account daily limit to $5k, you can be in the $1-2k profit range with an average EPC that is simply only 20-40% higher than your CPC. Those are pretty poor ROI's but with volume can mean a lot of money.

      It's not uncommon to see 100%+ ROIs, 200-300% can be had too, even direct linking. You just have to keep on your campaigns, keep them fresh and keep finding new ones to keep your cashflow rolling.
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