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Hello Warriors,
I have a question about content locking. I am with cpalead and leadbolt and I don't see a way to make the content locker come up when you click a link on the download page. It seems that the only way to get the content locker to work is to put the code on each HTML page.

For example if you put the content locker on your download page then someone can comlete a survey or offer and then get full access to your download page and all the links on it. So I made each link lead to a new html page so I can put the content locker on each page for each link so I can earn more.

So to give you an example if the download page is for a video course and there are 12 videos and 3 bonuses on the download page well then there are actually 27 links. 12 to the videos to view online, 12 to download each video for those who want to download it and view later and the 3 bonuses in this example. This is somewhat of a pain to have to set up new html pages for the download links. I am hoping someone knows of a way or network that has a feature that lets you put the content locking code on your download page once and have it come up when someone clicks each link. Is this possible or do I need to join another network that has this feature and who do you know that has this feature?

I could swear I saw a video somewhere that allows you to do this and I think the feature is called OnClick.

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    Contact your leadbolt IM I'm almost positive there is a way to do just what you want. Alternatively you could use one of their download attachments (or whatever it's called) when the person downloads x and tries to open it a gateway pops up. A archiving program like 7zip helps a lot with this and works well.
    Sorry if the above isn't clear.

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      What you could is to implement a onclick event in javascript that will trigger the gateway when someone clicks on any of your links. For leadbolt it could look like this:

      1: Put the code below between the <head> tag in the page where you want to content unlocker to appear:

      <script type="text/javascript">
      function StartGateway_leadbolt(aff_id)
      var head= document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0];
      var script= document.createElement('script');
      script.type= 'text/javascript';
      script.src= ''+id;

      where aff_id is your affiliate id.

      2. To trigger the gateway when someone click on a link, can be done this way:

      <a href="#" onClick="StartGateway_leadbolt(xxxxxx);">Click here to watch the video</a><br>

      You will have to do this for every link you wan to lock.

      Hope this can be of help to you and other warriors :p.


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    Thanks for supplying the info, Jinn

    Mike - if you need further help in getting the unlocker to prompt on-click, please send a note to your AM. You'll also find the setup overview in the FAQ section of your account.

    Skype/AIM: LeadBoltBrian
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