Looking To Buy Banner Space In The Men`s Dating Niche

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Hey Warriors,

I`m not sure if this is the right place for this thread but I`m looking to buy banner space on popular men`s dating/PUA websites.

What is the fastest way to find websites that offer advertising opportunities in this niche?

I tried looking for websites on google and was only able to find a few that offered advertising opportunities.

Is there an easier way for me to buy banner space in the dating then me spending hours looking for websites on google?

I`m willing to pay for help with this so please dont hesitate to recommend anything including paid resources.


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  • Hey James ... Honestly, use google adplanner and quantcast. Plug in the exact demographics your after, then select the dating category and MAGIC. You will be given a ton of highly targeted websites that you can contact and buy direct media from!
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    If yopur looking for cheap banner space you can checkout buysellads or hit up Digitalpoint. They have a few good webmasters there who will sell you ad space for cheap. You will want to checkout ad planner and quantcast still like digiweb said.
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    Thanks for the suggestion guys.

    I went on quncast and i was able to find some sites with good traffic but how exactly does quancast help me advertise on these sites that i found through them?

    Also, I've never done any ad buying like this and I'd rather outsource this so I can focus on what i'm good at.

    Can you guys recommend someone or a service that can help me buy ad space in this niche? I'm willing to pay good money for this so dont hesitate to recommend anything or anyone.


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    You do not need any one to the job for you. Just contact the website owner and ask him/her to put your ad on the website for 3-5 days (depends on the niche and the website). Pay a little amount of money for the trial period. If the traffic make you money then try the website for a month and if you are happy with the traffic after a month then go for next months until you see a drop in your earnings. At this stage you may want to stop advertising or change your banner (landing page).

    Note that not all the webmasters will get back to you after you send them a message. So do not give up too soon.

    ~ Omid
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