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What is the best way to promote cpa offers?
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    Depends on the offer! If you are just starting our you should start with ppv or facebook!
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      do you mean paid per click?
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    paid per view

    Good luck with it !
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    It depends on many factors, niche, offer, budget, experience, etc...

    Try to make some research on this forum, learn about the most common traffic sources and then decide on which ones fit your current situation.

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    Some of the PPV sites require a minimum $100 deposit to get started. With FB, you can start off with a smaller amount.
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    What kind of experience do you have? Can you write? Do you have the funds for deposits for paid traffic, or are you looking into more free methods?

    Tired of not making money? Wish someone would just walk you through what you need? PM me. 7 figure super affiliate here, loves mentoring others to success.

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      I'm looking for some free methods that works. Do you know any that can help me get traffic to some cpa offers.
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    The best is to make a Freebie Forum for Free Zip Submits or Email Signups

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    Originally Posted by bhakem View Post

    What is the best way to promote cpa offers?
    There is no best way, there are several good ways, but it all depends on your preferences..
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    There are plenty of free methods for you to start working on to drive traffic, my advice would be to research each and then pick a traffic source and work at it until you are making good moey through it and then diversify your efforts.

    Examples of free traffic include

    Youtube/video marketing
    Joint Ventures,
    Article marketing
    Offline marketing (not entirely free but can be done extremely cheap and the results can be lucrative)
    Forum marketing
    Email maketing

    that's enough to get you started, research these and choose a method that appeals and get out there and start working at it.

    Good luck

    Everything you need to know about making money with CPA!!

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      thanks! very good info!
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    just choose 1 traffic method, such as paid or free, 1 niche , 1 strategy. rinse and repeat till you see result. That's the best advice man. don't jump from 1 to other method. That will waste your time.
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    If you are new focus on ways to get traffic and building websites....then work on monetizing your traffic with things like CPA

    It will help in the long run!

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    Offline classified ads - squeeze page - follow up emails with CPA offers = GOLD!
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