Does Google Ads Really Work?

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Of course they work!

If you know how to structure you campaigning properly, you can have great success.

The trick is when creating an ad, don't be lame.

Create something that draws attention! Something that will grab people by the Yin Yang and pull them in.

Here's and example that you might use. Instead of saying...

See How I made $5,000 in one hour
Making money is easy
Can you do it?
website URL here

I would say something like this...

Master Blaster Rips The Big One
No one can shake this guy
How do you fit in
website URL here

Now this add leaves people saying, "What the hell is this guy talking about?"

So again, curiosity kills the cat.

Make people curious, and they will come.

Make them remember your adds.

Add some spice and get them going by using power words to entice them to see what you're offering.

Hope this tid bit helps you peeps!

See you on the flip side!
The Faceless Guru
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