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Hey Everyone,

Quick question for those who know there stuff. I just got approved at NeverBlueAds and im wondering if incentives are allowed to get people to submit there email or whatever and all so is this instant credit or does the lead need to qualify somehow before they will pay you for it.


- Trevor
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    Each offer is different.

    You have to look at what the advertiser will allow as for as
    promotion methods. Just look at the offer and you will find
    this information.

    Type in "Incentitized Offers" into the search function of NeverBlue
    and see what comes up. If nothing comes up then they have no
    incentitized offers or talk to your AM about it.

    Some people do it anyway with non-incentitized offers. They are
    just waiting to get caught and their money gone.


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    You should be able to pull up a list of all the offers that accept incentivized traffic. Never send incentivized traffic to non incentivized offers, you might get away with it in the short term, but you will eventually be caught and have your account terminted.
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    NeverBlue is starting to do away with Incentivized offers (which makes sense)...ask your affiliate manager
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    Ya they are starting to do away with incentivized offers. In my experience they get scrubbed really easily.
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    Depend on the offer. Each offers has different policy. Eg. No email traffic, no search traffic, no incentives. All info you need are all there on your affiliate pages. Or simply ask your affiliate manager whether you could incentive this particular offer or not. Basically the rules and policy have been decided by the merchant and that's it. Read the offer carefully.
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