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Hello Fellow Warriors

I have come across many threads where people have wanted to be invited or pre-approved by EWA.

I came across this hence I am posting it for people wanting to get on this weekly paying, good network.

1) Simply, go to Free PPC Affiliate Tracking Software | Tracking202

2) Register for tracking202

On the registration page you will see a little box for opt in, tick that box to be pre-approved by EWA. Once you finish registering with tracking202, you will get a mail from EWA inviting you for applying to their network.

To our success,

#ewa #preapproved
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    Ty TY, I signed up, tick the little box but didn't receive an email from ewa
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    I read this guide where it told me not to list my website and instead write " will explain in the phone call". It never told me what to do if they ask me. How should I answer if I don't have the $$$ to make a website?
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    Thanks for the tip!
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    So I received my email. How am I pre-approved. They just send me a normal link to their website.
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    Have U tried it yourself and got Approved...?
    Will they automatically approve you/anyone..?
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    Hi i already registered with tracking 22. so what can i do?
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    I wonder what EWA thinks of this, they really aren't hard to get into, they just want to verify that people aren't scammers/fraudsters
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    Still no approval from EWA. Do they take a few days?
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    Cool thanks for the share!

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    It is as normal as any network. The only difference is that they send you their email, inviting you. I basically think that it's a pretty good way to call oneself exclusive and for people to think they have at treasure chest. Reality is, they are as good as everyone else out there. So, please relax, go ahead and apply. If you are on other competitive networks, EWA is not going to be that big of a deal.
    I was always after weekly paying CPA networks so I went and signed up on around 5 of those, after doing my homework on offervault. I got accepted in 4 and rejected by one since I am overseas.
    Anyway, don't let anything intimidate you and have total confidence in yourself. Remember-its because of us that these CPA networks exist!

    Take Care and have a great day
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    i tried, but received a normal link to their website. Still not approved
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