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I am planning to promote cpa offers through yahoo answers, I want to know is there yahoo answer service available. (like microworkers, but its not reliable)

Also do yahoo answers allow affiliate link in source box?
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    i dont think Yahoo will allow such. Just be careful so that you dont get banned.
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    i think this is not genuine method
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    I don't believe they allow it. You'll eventually be caught, users are always reporting other users for such things.
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    Yahoo answers does allow you to leave your link in the resource box, once you get to level two. To get there you have to answer about 100 questions or so, and there is a limit on how many questions you can answer each day. Plan on 3 days to get to level two. Once there be sure that you do not overtly promote your site, and be sure to answer questions that are relevant to your promotion. If your answer is chosen as "best answer" it will rank high for the keywords in the topic title for that question, hopefully it is related to your niche. You can test this theory by typing in random searches and see where the Yahoo Answers replies fall into the search rankings. You might be surprised. Try this Google search "best video camera under 100" and see where the yahoo answer ranks, it's first page.
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      Listn Yahoo answer is a community service and its not something to promote your product every time as a answer to somebodies question.Your can paste link to your website and get a back link its not a issue.

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    I did marketing for yahoo answers before and the other members are right, they will report you if you promote your site extensively. But you can somehow hide from the system if you first go through the different levels until such time that you are already allowed to leave links. You can then mix up your answers as follows:

    1. Answer one question related to your article and leave your link behind.
    2. Answer 4 succeeding questions WITHOUT leaving your link behind.

    It's also crucial that you don't overly use just one article or link for all the questions that you answer. You need to mix it up because if you keep on using just one or two links, the system will detect that you are using yahoo answers for marketing purposes.

    I hope this helped somehow, good luck!
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  • Users are getting caught left and right. Also you wouldn't get any decent conversion rates. My suggestion is find another traffic route. Yahoo answers isn't the ideal place to market a product or service.
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    All above said, I use yahoo and enjoy helping people in it. Just be smart with your marketing and use it to help build links to your site, it's better as you access the higher ranks
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