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Would somebody please make a sticky of the best ways
to get accepted by a network without a website.

Everytime I login to this forum that is the first thing I seem
to read about is someone looking for this information.

Sure the information will not work for everyone, but it will
at least give them a chance and stop this question from being
ask 100's of times.

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      I don't know what networks you are applying for but I have been accepted by all that I applied for with Blogs if that helps.

      Having said that I have been rejected by specific vendors because my content didn't fall within their guidelines. I have no problem with that, but you'd think they would want as many publishers as possible.

      Maybe it has something to do with their accounting and a lot of inactive accounts.


      Ed Sunderland

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    I don't think that a network would approve anyone without a website.
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    You need to stipulate to ALL networks that you intend to drive traffic through PPC (in the instance that you dont have a website).
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      Here is what has worked for me:

      I belong to the top networks in cpa without a website.

      I setup a Blogger blog on a generic topic and made several post to it and I have used it as my website just to fill in the blank.

      AzoogleAds, Empire), NeverBlueAds, MaxBounty, ShareSale, Copeac,Hydra,
      and a few more.

      I called them after submitting my application and talked
      to my AM. After a few questions, I was approved.

      Questions I have been ask:

      1. What is your experience level?
      I tell them I have been doing affiliate marketing for 3 years now(Whatever your experience level is). I have used the following ways to promote products. PPC to offer, ppc to landing page to offer, article writing to promote offer, niche blogs reviewing and promoting offer, social sites using video.
      2. How do you plan to promote our offers?
      See above for ways I will promote offer. I then explain to them some of the same from above.
      One ask me my PPC experience. Told him I had been doing it for about 1 year.
      3. When can you get started?
      Most I have told within 24 hours. They then offered a couple of successful campaigns to get started with and have checked back with me to see how things are going.

      Good Luck. Just call them and answer their questions in a way that they get a feeling you know what you are doing. Also mentioned that I have bought and are studying many ways to promote CPA offers. I also told them that their network was highly recommended by the people I was learning from.

      Here's to a great 2009,


      It's Not Over Till I Win!
      Do you see the glass half empty or half
      full? The difference can mean success or
      The simple things seem to be the most
      effective and most overlooked.

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    thank you very much
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    Great post thank you for sharing that.
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    Its really just as simple as picking up the phone. This will really set you apart from the 100s of applications they receive per day. plus you get an instant answer
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      Originally Posted by Jason Fenty View Post

      Its really just as simple as picking up the phone. This will really set you apart from the 100s of applications they receive per day. plus you get an instant answer

      Couldn't agree more, I you just pick up the phone and call them, just tell them exactly what they want to hear..... and they're sure to approve you
      Most people are just nervous about calling, but its the fastest and easiest way to get apporved to a network.

      Although I would still strongly suggest getting a basic site to sign-up with, because it can tend to be an FAQ of theirs.

      Most quality E-Books to do with CPA strongly advise registering a company to sign up with.... it does look very impressive to the networks.
      But only do so if you are wanting to become very seriously involved in the CPA game.

      My advise is to just set up a simple business site, something like an SEO site, submit an application, give it an hour, then pick up the phone and tell them exactly why they should approve you..... you'll stick out from the crowd that way and you're almost guaranteed to be approved.
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    Back in the day when I first started marketing online, I signed up for and got denied by pretty much every decent CPA network out there. I of course got into CB, and other networks that just dont care. Everytime there was excuse for denying me was along the lines of:
    • Your website does not meet our quality standards
    • You do not receive enough traffic to your site
    • Not being a member at other Affiliate sites
    • Your PPC budget is insufficient
    • Or they would tell me (as nicely as possible) that they didn't like my answers on the application regarding traffic,etc.
    Basically, you MUST have a website, or make it obvious that you are going to promote only through PPC networks with a big spending budget.
    Also, if you aren't getting alot of traffic on your own to the site that you are signing up with, then you will need to fake it. They arent going to ask for traffic stats, dont worry. If you cant get in on your own, then fluff it up!
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    No, you don't have to have a website. Everyone's circumstances and strategies are different. See Robert Oliver's post above.
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    Hi Robert,

    the key is to show them you are serious.

    you can do this by setting up a simple site

    you can call them and 'plead your case'

    you can email them and tell them what you are up to

    the key is to realize even if you are declined... thats not the end... you are still in the QUE... all you have to do is prove your case

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      Originally Posted by magicmarcus View Post

      Hi Robert,

      the key is to show them you are serious.
      I'd have to agree with you, magicmarcus, on this point. When you talk with the CPA Networks, you need to at least appear that you are professional, have a plan, and know what you're doing online.

      Once you have everything in place so that you look professional in their eyes, you're ready to apply.

      Like many of you have already said, pick up the phone and call them if you can, don't wait for them to call you. It can make a huge difference.

      Here's why, the person calling you is being paid to filter people out. They don't want to be scammed. If you call them, you're much more likely to be put through to an account manager, and they are paid based on how much they bring in. The more people making them money, the better off they are.

      Good luck!
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    You don't have to have a website to be approved in our Network. But there are a couple of things that will delay or deny your application:

    1) Using a proxy server to sign up - this throws up a big red flag across all networks. Hiding your location doesn't give networks the "warm fuzzys".

    2) Listing your address in one place, but signing up on an IP showing your location in another place - I'm not talking about AOL IPs, I'm talking about listing your location as "California", but signing up through IPs in China. We don't care if you are in another country, seriously. As long as you can drive US traffic, it's ok. But starting off the relationship with deception makes the networks think the relationship will be a lot of cat and mouse games.

    3) Most networks (or at least the employees) talk to each other. If you've been kicked off one, but are trying to apply to another, let us know what happened, and what you've done to correct the situation. We will work to help you become compliant in driving traffic. Isn't that better than always having to go to new networks?

    Most Networks want to work with you. We certainly do. Open communication and honesty usually does the trick!
    Jacob Bishop- LinkedIn
    Site: Network:

    The Network for Zip, Email, Short Submit Offers
    Est. 2005: Former Emailers turned PPC turned Network
    *Communication*Guidance*Support*Payments via Wire*
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