I will pay $25 right now, for someone to tell me the name of this advertising network/site.

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Basically I have been trying to find out the name of this advertising network/site a friend of mine is using for ages, and cant find out what it is, and what the name of the site is.

I will happily pay someone $25 straight into their paypal account minutes after they PM me the name of this site/network....

so $25 dollars straight to the first person who can tell me the name of the site.

I mean it. I'm a man of my word

I only have the information below to go on.

The clues are below and information on the network is below

__________________________________________________ _____________

The traffic is coming from a shortening service.

The shortening service also displays advertisements to visitors that click through the shortened links. This is how the site gets traffic. The particular service that I use has a referral system, so you get free ad credits for referring others and having them use the service. This is how it's free & automatic.

The service I'm using isn't the same as adf.ly or others. There are a couple of problems that those sites have:

1. Like you said, the visitors are simply waiting to go to the website they originally wanted to view.
2. Visitors are not targeted - there's no way to guarantee that the visitors will be at all interested in what you're advertising.

With the site I'm using, the ad isn't displayed in between pages, but rather is shown as a pop-over on the site that the users originally wanted to visit. This way it appears to be part of the site that they are visiting, getting more attention to the ad. What's more important about the service is that it has a targeting system. The ads you create a assigned a category, and the links that the users of the service create are also assigned a category. This way when a visitor clicks through a link that's in the same category as your ad, they're displayed one of your ads, making the ad relevant to what they're actually interested in.

It took about 3500 impressions to generate the sales for the site.

The way the shortening service works is that you get ad credits when you refer others to the site & they shorten links. So, the way he traffic works is that when you open a new account with the service your first goal is to refer others so that you have a steady stream of ad credits coming into the site. Once that's set up there's literally no cost. I think I mentioned earlier that if you are serious about a BIN bid then I'll be setting up your account and getting you the referrals you need so that everything runs without you having to touch it.

There is the option to pay for advertising through the site if you don't like the ideas of referring others to the service. It's $25/mo for 100,000 ad credits, just to give you some idea about what it might cost you if you decided to pay for the service.


What i gathered from it all is that is a shortening service where you can use their traffic to advertise, however instead of them showing your site between a link, your site will be shown as a popover ad ontop of a sites window that is targetted to your sites niche.
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    so why don't you just ask your friend?
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  • Yeah, just got go ask your friend. i mean he is your friend he'd tell you wouldnt he.
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    lol, because he is trying to steal his "friend" traffic source, there is no other reason beside that.
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    Sounds like Linkbucks.com

    No Pitch For The Moment - Just A Nice Hello.
    So... 'Hello'
    Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about my posts. I'd like to hear from you!
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    Adf.ly or bf.ly or whatever it was the name.
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    None of the above. There is no point in getting to know because you have to be referred. The site access is hidden from public.
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    best you get backlinking service or find someone who will rent out their signature for a month for $25 - those type of traffic that you mention is obsolete and no longer work. Don't waste your money or time on it.
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    I doubt the target quality with link shortening service...
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    Sounds like a PTC site.

    Because, adf.ly doesn't do $25 for 100,000 ad credits


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    I think its is easyhits4u bro. pm me if I am right.

    Affiliate links aren't allowed.

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    You sound like a good friend to have
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    I know what you are talking about and want to know as well!!! I visited this site one day through a PPC, never bookmarked it. I can see the graphics and site deign bu the name is lost

    It was advertised on NEObux for a day. So it is was definitely targeted to PTC
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      If he really is your friend, he should tell you that. It`s no big secret
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        let me guess is it AdM.as
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