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Hey guys!

My name is Alex. I have had a lot of success in IM (Mainly with SEO,Blogging, and product creation/sales) and it is one of my greatest passions.

I usually document everything I do on my blog The Link Back. However I have become a massive fan of the value and information shared on the Warrior Forum and I want to give something back.

Soo... I have recently taken the leap into CPA (very excited) and have already started to see some success. (I was initially breaking even, but it just turned profitable)

Anyways, I figured while I was learning I could share what I am learning and what is working/is not working for me (and I would LOVE any tips some of the more experienced people have)

So, with that being said lets get into it!

Some of the sites and products I will be promoting are adult oriented. Please remember this is strictly professional. ALSO, my grammar and writing is not always the best..please bare with me if I make some boo boos :p )

August 29th 2011 (day 1)

I have just been accepted into a private CPA network. One is based around mainly adult/mens sites and I am also using adbrite.

This last weekend I researched and chose 3 products to promote. I will be testing how well they convert with the traffic on these networks.

2 offers are on clickbank and the other is by private sign up. (THESE ARE NON AFFILIATE LINKS)

Muscle Maximizer

How to Build Ripped, Shredded Muscle Fast Without Any Fat

After looking at the sales page and getting the EPC for this product I think it will convert really well with the traffic. I also saw another guy promoting this product on the network and the campaign had a $20,000 spending budget (So it must be converting for him)

I also have researched the target audience for this product and compared it to the traffic on the site I will be promoting from.

The product has a 75% commission and I am very confident it will create a good ROI (Return on investment)

Pandoras Box
Pandora's Box: Vin DiCarlo's Official Site

I chose this product for almost the exact same reason as muscle maximizer (great sales page, high epc, etc) However, I want to see if a dating product converts better than the muscle building product. I have also seen this product successfully marketed with a profit, so I know it can work.
(No Link for obvious reasons)
This is a site that sells adult content. It has an awesome affiliate program, and even though I feel odd promoting it I think it has a lot of potential.

My fav thing about it is the $1 free trial that will end up converting people (who will later on end up becoming a full member)

Out of all the offers I like this one the best because it has a recurring commission and pays via pay pal

Testing Pt 1: Using Own Sites

Fortunately, I own a website *not adult* (College Flirt: How to Flirt with a Girl) that has a similar viewer base as the sites I will be targeting (men interested in women)

It is fairly large, so I can actually test how well the offers convert via my email list and by placing ads on my site. (Of course the conversions on my email list will be higher than with media buying traffic)

The Results

I sent out the muscle offer and the dating offer via my email list (around 1500) Both of them converted slightly above the EPC, so I now know for a fact these offers are both capable of making money. Huzzahhh!

Testing Pt 2 : Buying Advertising and Testing Banner CTR

Now that I have tested these product to some extent it is time to buy advertising. I have laid down about 300 dollars to test with.

Now that I know the products convert it is my number 1 priority to make a banner that gets the highest CTR (click through rate) on these sites. I am hoping to break even in this testing period.

If the traffic converts like I think it will, my next step is to simply find the highest CTR ad and then invest invest invest!

3 Types of Banners
I have also created 3 types of banners for the ads to see which converts well ( I will be showing the muscle building one on here in the next post) I have a lot graphic design experience so made these myself

The types are

A high quality static picture add

A flash animated add (again high quality and flashy)

An ulgy text only call to action add that blends into the site ( I heard these convert the highest)


I will be reporting on the results of the testing in my next post.

I hope you guys enjoyed the first post, does anyone have any tips. This is a brand new area of IM for me so I would love to hear any advice

(ALSO, the strategy I am using is based on the strategy from the WSO Media Meltdown. It is simply an amazing WSO and I highly reccomend it. No affiliation)

-Alex :rolleyes:
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