I want to join a CPA now. Help!!!!!!!

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I plan to register a domain name on Monday and if possible get a wordpress blog installed for it.

How easy will it be for me to join a CPA program?

Can anyone recommend me? etc etc
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    It depends from your niche, try to check products from CPA networks and then choose your blog content related to it

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    popup ad network: poponclick.com
    ad marketplace network: adbash.com

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    CPAlead is the biggest CPA company with many offers. But you will need a quality website. Write at least 15 posts for your website and keep it for 1 month before applying for CPAlead. For more info and help with registration PM me.


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    - High search volume keywords , high CPC keywords, easy to rank keywords
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    I want accounts:


    can i buy them?
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    it depends upon your blog. Find out good cpa adnetworks.You can also try adscendmedia,sharecash etc
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    Getting accepted in to a CPA network is not really a big deal. key things you need to make sure is:

    1. make sure your website is complete and functional (if u have one)
    2. Please take time read on different CPA asects - PPC, email & zip submits, incentive vs non incentives etc
    3. As soon as you apply, pick up your phone and call them
    4. Speak to them confidently and give them an impression that you know what you are doing
    5. Be prepared for typical questions like why do u want to join, how you are planning to promote, do you have a website etc
    6. Answer confidently
    7. You will be accepted in no time

    When i started i applied for 15 networks and got accepted in 10 and 5 got rejected.

    So, be prepared and it should be a cake walk.

    PM me if you need further help.

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    From my experience CPAlead is the easiest one to get into, so you might wanna try with them first.
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    maxbounty is preatty easy to get in also, and the have a pretty large pool of offers
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